Absolutely Furious
  • Max Sharam
5 episodes
International Citizen, Australian New Yorker, Max Sharam shares what it’s like Living A Life Less Ordinary — as if living during COVID isn't peculiar enough. Her fluid and humorous 'Scream of Consciousness' conversations with people from all over the world will stretch your mind and lower your stress levels. Bite size mini-episodes. Make the world a better place. Download your micro dose of 6 - 10 minutes.


Happily Unmarried Hollywood
2020 Sep 097m 17s
Who is responsible for short changing young women? Max & Caro discuss a new model for female independence, one that just may make true love bloom.
Is the Cleaning Woman a Spy?
2020 Sep 024m 40s
Is the Cleaning Woman Spying on You?
K.I.S.S-ing as a Principle of Life
2020 Aug 275m 52s
A Life Less Ordinary with Two New York Artists,
The Molly Meter...Measuring 'Progress'?
2020 Aug 207m 59s
5G towers a little too close to home, and the interested story of Typhoid Mary!
Coming Out...as a PennyPincher?
2020 Aug 139m 6s
Locking down alone or with a partner and the costs of each.