• Rene Weimann
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Welcome to the newest addition of Go Vertical. Here I talk about latest thoughts every week and I will give you a chance to follow the process of creating the best athletic performance programs on the planet.


The fastest way to health
2020 Apr 077m 30s
Everyone has an opinion nowadays and so do I. But it is different from what you might think as I adress the current situation and I think there is one advice thati is massively missing throughout media.  Stay healthy everyone.  check out www.sportznation.com
Is sports psychology important?
2020 Mar 247m 27s
After my Go Vertical Raw conversation with pro sprinting coach Jason Hettler I had to think a little bit about sports psychology and the mental part of the game. I shared my thoughts on this episode.
How your foot can maximize your performance
2020 Mar 046m 56s
In this weeks episode I speak about how important the lower (transversal) arch of your foot can be for you as an athlete or as a human who just wants to live healthy and pain-free. I had issues with this part of my body during my own basketball carreer. On the other hand you can boost your performance by understanding and training the mechanics of this crucial part of the human body architecture.
My story to the dead lift
2020 Feb 278m 56s
This time I speak about my personal relationship to Dead Lifts. How I used to hate this exercise first but after a lot of years it is one of my favourites now.  http://www.sportznation.com
Let's talk about movement culture
2020 Feb 208m 45s
This week I spoke about what I learned in terms of movement while traveling the world and seeing other cultures exercise. There is a lot what you can learn for your own training especially when you are on a competitive level.
My number one training hack for beginners
2020 Feb 065m 25s
In this short episode I reveal my top tip on how to really boost your training consistency and motivation especially when you just started to be your own coach.
How to train your weaker leg
2020 Jan 3010m 4s
Many people suffer from imbalance in their legs in terms of strength. That can make single leg strength training very difficult because you are able to use more weight on one leg but while doing that you grow your imbalance. In this episode I talk about how I approach this problem with my own training and with the athletes I train.
Should we train our eyes?
2020 Jan 249m 10s
My late night thoughts that I had on eyes and movement combined.