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Hi, I'm Sam Ervin, and I’m the host of Do You Take This Man? In this podcast, my guests and I discuss stories of "for better" and "for worse" from men doing their best to navigate the seas of gay romance and relationships. I'm a gay man living in Denver, Colorado, and I belong to a fantastic team of dedicated gay men creating the popular wedding and lifestyle blog Men's Vows. Join us as we discuss the real highs and lows, ins and outs, and do’s and dont’s of gay relationships, and laugh plenty along the way!


Andrew and Ross
2020 Oct 2149m 4s
Get to know fiancés Andrew and Ross, friends of Sam, as we chat over a few glasses of Aldi rosé. Hear how they managed a long distance relationship for several years before getting engaged and moving in together. Once again, another novel idea for a new dating app emerges. We learn why watching Netflix together isn’t in the cards for these two and hear how they set expectations for visiting one another. Andrew helps us understand how to view the world through someone else’s eyes as he tells us about his job working in diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare. Sam embarrasses himself when he mishears the word “dog.”
2020 Oct 141h 8m 30s
Carlos is an entrepreneur and activist in New York City, but sits with Sam during his visit Denver to explore the Rocky Mountains. We bond over mutual love of the outdoors and disconnecting from busy lifestyles. Carlos tells us what it was like growing up in a Catholic community in Spain. Sam does his best to flatter Carlos with compliments on his own podcast, Dear Queer People. We talk about non-traditional relationships like throuples and … quadrouples? Hear how Carlos and Sam were both able to overcome failed engagements.
2020 Oct 0753m 27s
Luke and Sam talk dating strategies, including knowing when and how to cut things off. Sam gets a tour of Luke’s New York City apartment. Luke tells us how his last relationship ended and how the new one began. We wonder if there’s such thing as “alphas” and “betas” in most relationships. Despite being in an older generation, Sam tries (and fails) to associate himself with Luke’s youth as we discuss generational perspectives of LGBTQ history.
Michael and Matt
2020 Sep 3054m 39s
Michael and Matt tell Sam he isn’t allowed to ask them about themselves, but Sam does it anyway. They tell us about sharing their lives on social media and how they met via their coming out videos on YouTube. Creativity abounds as we think of new ideas for dating apps. Sam is fooled by exceptional Photoshop skills during one of Matt and Michael’s travel stories. We find out what Frodo Baggins, Ron Swanson, and Michael and Matt all have in common. Best of all, hear about the couple’s first years of marriage and their plans for the future.
Richard and Steve
2020 Sep 231h 8m 53s
Husbands Richard and Steve tell us about what made their Santa Fe wedding special for them and their guests. Hear how they (unintentionally) upstaged Beyoncé’s sister in the New York Times and managed a wedding ceremony without chairs. We talk about the keys to a successful marriage, the importance of the word ‘husband,’ and laugh at Richard’s alleged drawer of secrets. Steve tells us how he, as an event planning expert, was able to delegate wedding duties to his fiancé. Richard shares the origin story of Men’s Vows and we discuss how it has developed over the years.
Introducing the Do You Take This Man? Podcast
2020 Sep 133m 36s
Ever since marriage equality was legalized in the United States, the popular blog Men's Vows has been celebrating the stories of men who marry. Now, the creative team behind Men's Vows is pulling back the curtain on what happens after you say "I do." In this series you'll hear stories of gay relationships from men who are doing their best to find—and keep—their significant other.