Cave Paintings and Campfires
  • Jay Marksman
3 episodes
Conversations with creatives and storytellers. Jay Marksman (That's not his real name, by the way. Shh, don't tell anyone!) is a game developer, artist and writer from Helsinki, Finland. Interested in various storytelling mediums — including, but not limited to games, movies, TV shows, books and comics — Jay talks with talented people about their creative processes, their relationship to different kinds of stories, art, and whatever they want to talk about, really.


ep2 - Making Indie Films ft. Bob Krzykowski
2019 Jul 0548m 4s
Jay talks with Bob Krzykowski, the writer, producer and director of The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot. They talk about the movie's title, the making of the movie, movie trailers and reviews. After the conversation, Jay talks about movie spoilers, and about how a movie isn't always what you think it's going to be based on reviews and promotional material, and how it could, in fact, be something very different (for better or for worse).
ep1 - Indie Game Development ft.Tim Ruswick
2019 Mar 311h 27m 31s
In this first episode, Jay talks with indie game evangelist, developer, and content creator Tim Ruswick. They talk about Tim's game Philophobia: The Fear of Love, the development process, and indie game development in general. They also discuss motivation and important things to note when starting a game development project, or any creative endeavor, and how you most likely don't really have an excuse not to get started.
ep0 - What is Cave Paintings and Campfires?
2018 Sep 2120m 47s
Jay talks about himself, what Cave Paintings and Campfires is about, and why he wanted to start this show. He talks about creativity and storytelling and his relationship to both of these topics. He discusses videogames, the importance of knowing your storytelling medium, and leveraging its strengths instead of mimicking other media.