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mini monday 01
2018 May 08
We’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled program to just have a moment to discuss what’s on our minds. Our worries, our anxieties, and our hopes. We talk a little bit about meditation again, a little about anxiety, and a lot about how being a millennial is the reason we feel the way we … Continue reading mini monday 01
17 tmw finances and relationships hold hands
2018 Apr 25
https://archive.org/download/17TmwFinancesAndRelationshipsHoldHands/17%20tmw%20finances%20and%20relationships%20hold%20hands.mp3   Ever wonder how much you should share about finances with people? Or your significant other? How do you start that conversation at all?! Or what if you make more than your partner? We answer all these and more. Check out our website for these and other questions answered as well as links to … Continue reading 17 tmw finances and relationships hold hands
16 tmw we manage money with mimosas
2018 Apr 18
https://archive.org/download/16TmwWeManageMoneyWithMimosasMp3/16%20tmw%20we%20manage%20money%20with%20mimosas_mp3.mp3   How to get started looking at your information Gather all your accounts: checking, savings, credit Evaluate your finances Balance your “checkbook” – know what’s going in and what’s going out Do Millennials need checks? Do Millennials need credit cards? How much time should I devote to money management? “It’s going to take more … Continue reading 16 tmw we manage money with mimosas
15 tmw investing gets a lot less intimidating
2018 Apr 10
We bring Alyssa into the spotlight to talk about investments Investing since middle school, Alyssa’s background may not be formal but it’s certainly more experienced than us! Listen as the most veteran investor among us gives us tips and tricks on how we should invest and what it all really means. https://archive.org/download/15TmwInvestingSeemsALotLessIntimidating/15TmwInvestingGetsALotLessIntimidating.mp3
14 tmw we get excited about finances
2018 Apr 03
https://archive.org/download/14TmwWeGetExcitedAboutFinances/14%20tmw%20we%20get%20excited%20about%20finances.mp3 Show Notes: Would You Rather: pay off your debt or go on a vacation worry about money or worry about happiness buy now and pay off over 5 years or save for a year and buy cash Getting Excited About Finances: What “finances” mean? Definition – the management of money Spending and saving What … Continue reading 14 tmw we get excited about finances
13 tmw we know what we aren’t passionate about
2018 Mar 27
https://archive.org/download/13TmwWeKnowWhatWeArentPassionateAbout/13%20tmw%20we%20know%20what%20we%20aren%E2%80%99t%20passionate%20about.mp3   13 Millennial Moments Shownotes Mindful Millennial What Other People Get Wrong About Passion You’re Going to Find Your Passion by Looking At Your Past Maybe you haven’t been exposed to something Your passions can change over time, just like you! Love everything you do! It’s unrealistic to love everything you do Look at … Continue reading 13 tmw we know what we aren’t passionate about
12 tmw you’re passionate about your job
2018 Mar 20
We explore what it means to have a job that is your passion with our first guest ever! We welcome Sami, the producer and audio editing/mixing of our show, into the millennial moments spotlight to talk about how miserable in your current position is too miserable what it’s like to quit your job to find … Continue reading 12 tmw you’re passionate about your job