Teen Psych Podcast
  • Rehaan Patel
7 episodes
Teen Psych is a podcast which starts a discussion on topics regarding mental health, social pressure, and what high schoolers face on a day to day basis.


Self-Love with Aanya Goel
2020 Sep 1932m 35s
Meet Aanya Goel! An upcoming freshman attending UC San Diego and playing Division 1 tennis there. We discuss life of a student athlete, self-love, and coping mechanisms
Relationships with Saahil Patel and Janhavi Gadam
2020 Sep 1146m 44s
In this podcast we focus on post-high school. This includes college, jobs, and relationships!I hope you guys enjoy this one!@teenpsychpodcasts on instagram
Drama with Sanika Gadam
2020 Sep 0434m 26s
In this podcast we talk about drama, social pressure, and identity. I hope you enjoy this podcast. As always our instagram is @teenpsychpodcasts.
ADHD with Jesse Moore
2020 Aug 2930m 42s
In this podcast we talk about ADHD, life of a student athlete, trauma, and more! It gets real and fun at the same time!IG-@ Teenpsychpodcasts
Happiness with Eyad Malsen
2020 Aug 2131m 58s
We talk about happiness, energy, and music. Definitely one of the more entertaining episodes.. Hope you all enjoy@teenpsychpodcasts on Instagram!
Trauma with Anika Sharma
2020 Aug 1627m 30s
This episode talks about trauma, high school, being the new kid, and more. @teenpsychpodcasts on Instagram Anika's Club- @fightingfor_hope
Social Pressure with Natasha Chodavarapu
2020 Aug 0732m 46s
An honest conversation about social pressure, academic struggles, transferring schools, etc and how high schoolers can deal with it.@teenpsychpodcasts on Instagram!