• Helena Gomes
8 episodes
Just a Diabadass is an insight in the life of a woman with type one diabetes, Helena will be talking about a lot of her experiences with T1D, some are good and fun, while others are rocky and not that good. This podcast will mainly contain Helena rambling by herself, but she'll have her friends and family, other diabetics and people with other illnesses on as guests! New episodes every Friday


2020 Oct 1629m 56s
This week Helena talks a little about her baby Violet (her dog) and one of her biggest problems with diabetes, SELF CONFIDENCE! Some of the issues are shallow and stupid but they can bother someone!
Hypoglycemia stories
2020 Oct 0232m
This week, Helena talks about the two times she had really bad hypoglycemic episodes, both were quite recently and she has learned from them, hence her laughing about it now!
Piercings & tattoos
2020 Sep 2641m 7s
This week Helena talks about her piercings and tattoos, and how it is getting tattoos and piercings as a diabetic!
What's in my bag?
2020 Sep 2630m 50s
This week Helena went back in time and did a what's in my bag! She rambles about what she usually carries in her bag (backpack). This episode was suggested by Helena's mom!
Hyperglycemia stories
2020 Sep 1134m 22s
This week, Helena talks about two hyperglycemia stories that kinda scarred her. These stories happened when Helena was a preteen and was deeply ashamed of her diabetes, now as a oung adult she can laugh and talk about it freely because she has learned SO much!
Traveling with diabetes
2020 Sep 0434m 15s
This week, Helena covers her experiences with traveling as a diabetic, and what that mean, even though she rambled more than anything... Enjoy!
Types of insulin & gadgets.
2020 Aug 2839m 50s
This week, Helena talks about the types of insulin and gadgets she has used and her experiences with them.
Diagnosis & Intro
2020 Aug 2133m 53s
This week, Helena talked about her diagnosis story and the few memories she has from being diagnosed.