The Kellen and Alex Show
  • Alex Denley
45 episodes
Where Coherence Goes to Die! The Kellen and Alex Show talking about Theology, Politics, UFC, and anything in between. Special Guests from Franciscan University students and professors.


Marine Corps and Catholic Conversion! w/ Steve Hill
2020 Oct 211h 50m 45s
Steve Hill joins the podcast to talk Marine Corps, Atheism, and his Catholic Conversion! Buckle your seat belts for some crazy stories. Steve is currently in the graduate theology program at Franciscan University. Enjoy!
Servant of the Bread! w/ Dr. Breuninger & Dr. Dahm
2020 Oct 201h 30m 16s
Two Humble Servants of the Bread talk about the virtue of baking your own bread! Their intensive three-week course titled "Baking Bread and Virtue" will be held in Gaming, Austria in May of 2021. Dr. Breuninger is a professor of psychology and Dr. Dahm is a professor of philosophy at Franciscan University. Enjoy!
Dating at Franciscan! w/ Claudio, Maria, & Joslynn
2020 Oct 191h 47m 2s
5 People on the Kellen and Alex Show. We talk about dating at Franciscan and all of your burning questions: Breakups, First Dates, and how to get Engaged. Enjoy!
Steubenville and Franciscan! w/ Faith
2020 Oct 181h 27m 48s
Faith Sirilla joins the podcast to set the record straight with Homeschooling and also the Franciscan vs Steubenville divide or lack thereof. Enjoy!
The City of God! w/ Dr. Jones
2020 Oct 171h 53m 23s
Dr. Andrew Jones is a professor of Theology at Franciscan University. Get ready to overturn all your conceptions of reality. We talk private property, liberalism, American history, the Church, Medieval Society, and much more. Enjoy!
Feminism and Stay-at-Home Moms! w/ Edyta
2020 Oct 131h 49m 32s
Edyta Wolk joins the podcast to talk about feminism, women and the family, and reclaiming Catholic culture on dating and marriage. Enjoy!
Following St. Francis! w/ Fr. Vince
2020 Oct 101h 58m 40s
Special Guest Fr. Vincent Yeager, T.O.R joins the podcast to talk priestly life, Franciscan University, and how to follow St. Francis. Enjoy!
Spiderman, Inception, and Batman! w/ Francesco
2020 Oct 091h 48m 27s
PART TWO! Three nerdy philosophy lads rant about some epic movies. Grab your favorite whisky and an obscene amount of excessively buttered popcorn because its P I Z Z A T I M E!
NET and Retreats! w/ Joslynn
2020 Oct 041h 8m 22s
How do you make a non-cringy retreat? How do you reach out to the youth? Should you ever visit Las Vegas? Expert NET Missionary and Floridian Joslynn answers your most burning retreat questions on a missionary budget!
Speech is Violence, Postmodernism! w/ Kerry
2020 Oct 021h 54m 13s
Three lads rant about Trump/Biden. debate, postmodernism, modesty. Enjoy!