• abbey
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just a sleep deprived, yet energetic teenager, who like many, is tired of issues going unnoticed, the purpose of this show is to call attention to issues teenagers and others may face day to day.


toxic females...what does it mean?
2020 Oct 2330m 46s
abbey and jocelyn talk about toxic females and what it means, DISCLAMER: we had some audio issues, things don’t always run smoothly and this is just one of those times!
traveling down rainbow road
2020 Oct 1523m 14s
peirce and abbey talk about being accepted for your sexuality. make sure to subscribe, rate, and review!
late night #1
2020 Oct 0925m 52s
abbey and jennah talk about rape culture and harassment i promise it’s not as depressing as it sounds
mental health
2020 Oct 0221m 46s
hey! we are talking about mental health issues and stigmas. please if you feel like harming yourself or suicide please call 800-273-8255 stay safe, stay alive we need you here :)
are you proud of you?
2020 Sep 2722m 48s
hey! i’m talking about insecurities and dealing with hate and backlash and feeling proud of yourself, if you enjoyed this episode DM me and let me know!!
sign of the times
2020 Sep 2020m 9s
i’m talking about what’s going on in the world right now and what we can do about it
stepping out of your comfort zone and how my podcast allowed me to do that
2020 Sep 0521m 1s
abbey and kate talk about owning a podcast and being able to use it to step out of your comfort zone
we are who we are
2020 Aug 3029m 59s
tarah, abbey and trenton talk about being who you are and why it is so important
2020 Aug 2231m 37s
abbey (@_abbey_beck_) and kate (@kaitlyn.pezzuti) talk about what it means to be yourself and to live your life for yourself, we had some audio issues so i am very very sorry it’s not normally like that i promise
toxic masculinity-from a women’s perspective
2020 Aug 1425m 58s
abbey, jocelyn and izzy discuss toxic masculinity and expose some toxic males and we hope this empowers, teaches, or provides something to you because it is time we talk about this. please keep in mind we know not all guys are like this, most men aren’t. we are just pointing out those who are from our experience.