• Ladi Caramel
7 episodes
Adulting is hard and karma is a witch. Let’s indulge in our life experiences, over kosmos of the week, and hopefully sort through how to get through the consequences of life.


Black Women and Health Care
2019 Aug 2218m 30s
Ladi Caramel discusses the statistics of black women and there struggles of pregnancy. She talks about her own experiences in the health care field and how she hasn’t always been giving the greatest information and care.
The Trends of Society
2019 Aug 1418m 7s
The worries of society and how we keep remaking things
Knowledge is Power
2019 Aug 0723m
Ladi Caramel discusses conformity and how this played a role in her growth and development. Comparing that to this current generation and there growth and development.
Most Powerful Force on Earth
2019 Jul 3117m 51s
Discuss the power of love and how it can literally change everything.
Me too and Being Enough
2019 Jul 2423m 2s
Ladi Caramel discusses the recent R. Kelly events, statistics of homosexuality of molested victims and feeling like your enough.
Moving into Your Own
2019 Jul 1717m 46s
A lot goes into moving including basic decisions about decor but it could also be scary when you think of your worst fears.
End of a Chapter, Beginning of a Book
2019 Jul 1018m 34s
In this episode Ladi Caramel talks about her recent breakup, standing her ground, her paranoia about friends, and the hopes for the next step in her life. You can’t end an episode without the Kosmo of the Day: Classic Cosmopolitan