• The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois
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The Vineyard Collective Podcast creates a place for engagement outside of a weekly message. It’s a conversation that dives deeper into what it means to walk out our journey with Jesus Monday-Saturday.


Creating A Culture of Difference || The Vineyard Collective Podcast, Ep. 7
2020 Oct 2249m 49s
This week on The Vineyard Collective Podcast, we have special guests Geno and Shannon Olison from the South Suburban Vineyard Church in Chicago Illinois talking about creating a culture of difference in this season. You don't want to miss out on this amazing episode!
Citizens Of Heaven Part 2 || The Vineyard Collective, Ep. 6
2020 Oct 1538m 25s
Join us this week for Episode 6 of The Vineyard Collective as we hear from our Founding Pastors, Happy + Dianne Leman.
Honoring During Disagreement || The Vineyard Collective, Ep. 5
2020 Oct 0846m 2s
As Citizens of Heaven, how do we honor leaders, systems, and governments in place, even when we don't agree?
The Prophetic: What is Holy Spirit Saying? || The Vineyard Collective, Ep. 4
2020 Oct 0146m 31s
In these unprecedented times of political tension in the middle of a pandemic, what is the Spirit saying? How do we navigate through the noise and hear God's voice? Join Keirstyn Worden and Daniel Goulet as they host an exciting conversation with two powerful prophetic voices, J Leman and Mike Chrasta.
Politics & The Church || The Vineyard Collective, Ep. 3
2020 Sep 2442m 51s
This week we have Senior Pastor, Mike Yoder and Executive Pastor/Sullivan Campus Pastor, Jim Plank joining us on The Vineyard Collective Podcast to answer questions revolving around how they have handled this season of political, racial, and social tensions all in the midst of a pandemic.
Love Your Enemies? Part 2 || The Vineyard Collective, Ep. 2
2020 Sep 1744m 10s
Join us for EP. 2 of The Vineyard Collective Podcast, where Brandon Henderson and Leah Wenger talk about Week 2 of "Reckless Love".
Love Your Enemies? Part 1 || The Vineyard Collective, Ep. 1
2020 Sep 1042m 57s
We are launching a NEW Midweek Podcast Channel called "The Vineyard Collective" where we will be creating a place for engagement outside of the weekly message about what it means to walk out our journey with Jesus Monday-Saturday. Dive in with us as we share rich, authentic content focused on life with Jesus, creativity, worship, and more!