• Britta Momanyi
5 episodes
Life is a journey and the path is love. On the podcast, we explore how to cultivate love for ourselves so we can live in the present.


Visualization to Heal Your Past and Project Your Future
2020 Oct 1625m 40s
Stop the living in the pain of negative memories that play on repeat in your mind and heal those wounds so you can make room to visualize the version of you that you are meant to become. In this episode, I go through practical visualization exercises to heal painful memories and create new habits, character traits, and purpose. Visualization is a powerful tool inside all of us, and in this episode, I show you how to use it!
Change Your Celebration, Change Your Validation
2020 Oct 0920m 47s
Have you spent more time tearing yourself down than you do celebrating yourself, and then wondered why you keep repeating negative patterns and are unfulfilled? In this episode, we explore how celebrating yourself and your journey can give you internal validation and shift your values so that you can manifest your purpose.
Resistance is the Reason You Will Find Your Purpose
2020 Oct 0314m 35s
In this episode, we discuss how to accept the resistance you face as a lesson that is there to lead you to your purpose. Your purpose is within you, and we explore how to tap into your intuition so you can be gently guided to your purpose by the intuition that is already within rather than relying on external signs.
Morning Mindfulness Routine for Peace and Productivity
2020 Oct 0212m 38s
Ground yourself within by starting your day with yourself. In this episode, I guide you through my morning mindfulness routine and give practical advice on why starting your day with you is essential to maintaining peace and productively progressing towards your purpose.
Purpose as Progress - My Law School Story
2020 Oct 0225m 33s
In this episode, I describe how I found my purpose on deployment, and how I progressed towards that purpose even when I was in a place that wasn't in alignment with it – one of the nation's top law schools.