The Church of Common Sense
  • Travis Lindsay
11 episodes
Comedian Travis Lindsay rambles/rants about various topics and answers your questions in a losing effort to save the world from itself


Church of Common Sense Episode 11: Janet, Space Toilet if Ya NASA-ty
2020 Oct 221h 25m 47s
It's epsode 11, it's later than usual so let's get into it. Today's sermon includes, The Kid had a really good show last night, having pre TV taping nerves, Pregnant women on buses, The Pope is more progressive than Chris Pratt (probably) , why people don't exhaust the same energy condemning racist fisherman causing damages that they did on BLM, Black Jeff Foxxworthy, 50 Cent is not as rich as I thought,  People that don't like Pickles, The passing of magician James Randi, The ballad of Mr. St.Pierre, What men and women want is very different, People just be releasing animals, COVID CROWDS, Closet eating, Space toilets , my NEW DISNEY  PODCAST HI DAD SOUP and more!
Church of Common Sense Episode X : Check Yourself Before You MAGA Yourself
2020 Oct 151h 13m 36s
It's the 10th Edition of The Church!
Church of Common Sense Episode 9 ; Nicest Terrorist I've Ever Met
2020 Oct 081h 8m 27s
So Much has happened in the past week and Father Lindsay waste no time getting into it!
Episode 7 : Hova Board
2020 Sep 241h 16m 35s
Today's sermon includes
Episode 6: Netflix and Chill Out
2020 Sep 171h 6m 6s
After some technical issues we are back!
Episode V - Deongelo Holmes : Urban detective.
2020 Sep 021h 14m 10s
Today's sermon includes, What would have been The Big Cat's 10 year comedy anniversary, Road gigs being back, Pickled Eggs, Where are the Ying Yang twins? , Why are hip-hop artists and rappers' real names better than their stage names, Tenet, Snake island, Adele, The passing of Chadwick Boseman and why it's okay to mourn celebs. How i've grown as a person, and most importantly! a follow up to last week's totally not true and made up story involving poop and a door handle which if you can't tell by now did happen.
The Church of Common Sense Episode 4 : Racist if ya do, Racist if ya Don't
2020 Aug 271h 2m 4s
The kid thought he saw his friend but he wasn't gonna risk it.
The Church of Common Sense Episode 3 : Ni**as in Blackwater
2020 Aug 201h 5m 15s
Today's sermon from Father Lindsay includes,
The Church of Common Sense Episode 2 : Kamala La Means I Love You
2020 Aug 131h 15m 29s
After a successful first episode The Kid aka Father Lindsay is back in a playful/silly mood. today's sermon covers topics like KFC's plant based chicken, recent shows including a venue that recently had some controversy, His grandmother's birthday and when do birthday's go from a timer to a countdown clock?, Kamala (R.I.P.) and Kamala, Mentors in comedy, Answers your questions (Including one he reads after starting to end the show), Reads a MURDER confession! Tells a ghost story and more!