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Come take a front row seat on the most inspiring OT conversations that will inject you with unbound confidence and leave you feeling lit up and empowered to take action in your life, work and business. This is for the occupational therapy professionals who dare to think differently, who deeply resonate with a lifestyle approach to therapy and who endeavour to create meaningful change in the lives of others. It’s for the OT’s who are eager to take the roof off their expectations and live up to their own occupational potential.


06 – Holistic Health And Life Coaching
2020 Oct 2543m 48s
Occupational Therapists are the original Life Coaches! Did you hear that?! YES. WE ARE! And do you wanna know why? Join us in this epic conversation with the glowing and not-afraid-to-step-outside-the-status-quo, Ana Hernando. Ana brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to our chat and explains the difference between OT Coaching and Life Coaching and … 06 – Holistic Health And Life Coaching Read More »
05 – Occupational Therapy Coaching
2020 Oct 1812m 38s
Let’s dive into OT Coaching and look at the kinds of open-ended questions we can ask in therapy and how to assess a clients readiness to change. Let’s explore what coaching actually is and how you can intertwine coaching practices into your work today. OT Coaching moves us away from providing all the right {text … 05 – Occupational Therapy Coaching Read More »
04 – Holistic OT: What’s In Our Scope Of Practice? The Grey Areas Uncovered
2020 Oct 1129m 53s
Are you curious about practicing holistically, but not sure what’s actually within our scope of practice? Are you keen to incorporate yoga, reiki, meditation, mindfulness {and more} into your work but unsure how to go about it? Here we talk with seasoned Holistic OT – Emmy Vadnais to get all of our questions answered!
03 – Finding Passion & Purpose in OT
2020 Oct 0414m 10s
Does your work get you fired up and jumping out of bed in the morning? Mine never used to. If you want to craft your profession around your passion or work your career around your lifestyle, then today’s episode is a must listen. I share my journey to doing work that truely matters … me. … 03 – Finding Passion & Purpose in OT Read More »
02 – Occupation, Meaning And Looking Beyond The Label
2020 Sep 2740m 8s
What is occupational therapy? How can we best describe it? How do we bring occupation to the forefront of our practice? Why shouldn't we be conforming to the medical model ways? What language should we use in our practice? Why should we be looking beyond the diagnostic label? Your questions answered.
01 – Welcome To The OT Lifestyle Movement
2020 Aug 277m 38s
Welcome to the very first episode of The OT Lifestyle Movement Podcast!