• Passion Changes Everything
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People tend to share their love for you once you’re gone, but we are here to tell you that we love you while you’re still here. Keep chasing your dreams and we will keep providing you the tools to be motivated.


PCE The Podcast: Goodfella Uno is Florida's Next Big Artist
2020 Oct 1549m 31s
Goodfella Uno has been making big moves on the music scene! He's been on BET, Revolt TV, and of course PCE The Podcast. We discussed hip-hop music, hard work, and of course the grind.   He also has some big things coming in the future so tune in and figure out what it is. Also, don't forget Passion Changes Everything.
PCE The Podcast: The story WODE MAYA Africa's biggest Youtuber
2020 Oct 0152m 10s
WODE MAYA is Africa's biggest Youtube star! From engineer to full-time Youtuber his journey has been incredible. He is using his platform to show the beauty of different parts of Africa. His growth on his channel has been crazy! Tune in! Also, don't forget Passion Changes Everything!
PCE The Podcast: America's Next Top Model
2020 Sep 2437m 43s
This isn't your best friend's favorite Instagram model. Jeremy Cook teaches us what it takes to make it in the City of Angels! Come listen to his story on how he's made it in the professional modeling world.
PCE The Podcast: Welcome to the Show
2020 Sep 1854m 50s
Welcome to PCE The Podcast! Co-host Eugene and Koree go into detail about their lives and the journey of the podcast. When two friends meet with the same passion and drive the journey can be endless!
PCE The Podcast: Big City Dreams
2020 Sep 101h 11m 18s
Listen to "Iamdresito" go into detail about his journey working for the Knicks. He discusses the importance of work ethic and networking to get help him reach his goals. Make sure you tune in! Also, never forget Passion Changes Everything!
PCE The Podcast: Unlocking Your Gift
2020 Sep 0347m 15s
Jovan Booker has overcome extreme odds to participate in sports. Join the conversation to learn about his work ethic and how it has helped him inspire everyone around him.  Let's not forget Passion Changes Everything!
How to Get Recruited
2020 Aug 271h 14m 15s
A Division 1 football coach goes into detail on what it takes to get noticed by colleges. He also discusses his own journey of becoming a college football coach! It isn't too late so don't give up on your dreams just work harder! Lastly, don't forget Passion Changes Everything!
Small Business Owner's Guide to Success
2020 Aug 2152m 31s
Book of Eli: From sergeant in the United States Army to starting his own business. Listen to his journey and be inspired.