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A playful podcast. Getting real about all the sh*t that's uncomfortable to talk about. Educating and empowering our listeners to have better sex, relationships, communication and connections.


The P- Spot and how it can take your man to new levels of pleasure
2020 Oct 2035m 49s
In this episode we talk about the male pspot, what it is, where to find it, why it's hard for men to ask you to touch it and the health benefits of having your pspot  massaged. Remember anything that has to do with entrance through the bum needs lots of LUBE! For more episodes, behind the scenes and monthly Q&A's with us join our patreon and become part of our personal community You can also find us on IG:cocktaleswithbb and on FB in our private group Don't forget to leave us a review and follow us!!
2020 Oct 1347m 15s
Threesomes and how to navigate them in a relationship, where to find a "3rd", how to stay safe and why people think it's so fun!
How to keep your bits healthy in solo, partnered and group sex.
2020 Oct 0735m 32s
In this episode we talk about how to keep your bits healthy. We talk about solo, partnered and group sex experiences and how having good sexual education contributes to how we care for ourselves sexually.
Nip Tuck
2020 Oct 0656m 31s
In this episode Steph gets a little personal and teaches us about plastic surgery, fillers and what's behind making the choice to have them done.  We look at the shame of telling people and the judgement around plastic surgery. To ask more questions visit or in our private Facebook group Coming soon our Patreon with interviews with people from the world of fillers and plastic surgery! You won't want to miss them!
How to stop guessing what a woman wants in the bedroom.
2020 Sep 2242m 56s
In episode 7 we get into what it is that women really want when it comes to sex.  We talk about how the clit isn't a button. Pushing, poking and ramming are all a hard no and how you can bring consent into the bedroom and make it sexy.  Communication is always the golden key. Empower your woman to speak up and ask for what she wants. For more tips and tricks check out Sheri Winston's book -Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and Layla Martin on Youtube and through her website.
Erotic Blueprints, a sex language you need to know.
2020 Sep 1547m 54s
In this episode we dive into the erotic blueprints; energetic, kinky, sensual, sexual and shapeshifter. We challenge you to switch up your blueprints and try out some of the others for fun. To find out your erotic blueprint go to Learning your blueprint will help you and your partner better understand each others sex language and will help you create a more fulfilling sex life.
Goal oriented sex and why it's no fun.
2020 Sep 1535m 21s
We get into the details of what goal oriented sex is and why chasing the orgasm takes away all the fun. We come up with fun ideas on how to recreate intimacy through pleasure and fun. A way to empower couples, singles and those in the dating scene to switch things up a bit and chase pleasure instead of the big O.
No Sex September!
2020 Sep 1527m 28s
We switch it up a bit for our first full episode! Instead of focusing on having the sex, we focus on NOT having the sex and how it can help you create a deeper intimacy in your relationship and your life. We break it down to zero penetration and orgasms but give you other fun ideas you can use to still spice things up. This is meant for heterosexual and same sex relationships as well as single people! Watch your life transform in 30 days. Want to really go for it and give it a try? Message us to interview you about your experience with no sex September.
Masturbation, talking about the big M
2020 Sep 1533m
In this episode we talk about how to open up the conversation about masturbation with your friends, family and partners.  How to open up communication when you feel nervous or ashamed. We give you ways you can start talking about it more easily and about how you can bring mutual self pleasure into the bedroom.  We talk about toys, fantasies and how to start the journey to self pleasuring yourself. It's an episode you won't want to miss.
Love Languages and what they can teach you about your relationship.
2020 Sep 1551m 49s
In this episode we talk about the five love languages and how they contribute to happiness and communication in your relationships. We talk love, love with feeling and how the little things are the important pieces to a relationship. Using Gary Chapmans Five Love Languages; quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service and receiving gifts we break down the things that make us happy and the things that don't. We look at how knowing your own love languages and those of your close relationships can help you avoid conflict and better understand how to create a deeper intimacy with those around you.