Let’s Chop It Up! w Ziz
  • Ziz
9 episodes
The podcasts focuses on Hip-Hop artists and health. Legends and upcoming artists stop by and We chop it up about the past and present. They share stories and future endeavors. We celebrate the artist and praise their accomplishments.How do the artist stay healthy in the everyday life through the hustle. "Let’s chop it up"-Ziz


2020 Oct 2350m 50s
On Let's Chop it up! Hailing from NYC we had BIG FRENCH stop by. We spoke about his career ranging from his production to his engineering skills. Which he uses on an everyday bases at his awarded number one studio in NYC MAD BULL STUDIOS. BIG FRENCH...
2020 Oct 1649m 30s
On Let's Chop it up! Hailing from Maryland by way of Brooklyn, NY we had Napolean Da Great stop by. We spoke about the current state of Hip Hop and his involvement. He broke down his experiences and shared some jewels to his longevity career. Napolean...
El Da Sensei "Artifacts" (Interview) EP.7
2020 Oct 141h 4m 17s
On Let's Chop It Up from NJ Jerusalem. we had the honor to have El Da Sensei aka Mr. Artifacts AKA The Legend.  This interview means a lot to me on a personal level. So many questions answered by one of my favorites till this day. From the Artifacts...
RIM (Interview) EP.6
2020 Oct 1042m 56s
On Let's Chop It up we had Rim hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The Vet has been around one of the greatest artist in Sean price. We chop it up about his career and the influences that made him into one of the biggest in the underground. We break down his...
2020 Oct 0918m 50s
On Let's chop it up we had Gcasino hailing from Buffalo,NY. The witty flow aka Gambino prestige talked about "The casino Iz dead"Project and We also touched on the upcoming project "Life after dead" produced by DJ Shay. Following the untimely depart of...
Eddie Kaine Aka Legacy Of Kaine "The Curse" (Interview Edition) EP.4
2020 Oct 0134m 4s
On Let's chop it up we had Eddie Kaine hailing from Brooklyn New York. The self proclaimed Hip-Hop artist that lets the world know I am here to stay. From the Bars to the charisma you can hear it all through his music. Kaine is the total marketing...
Flee Lord & Mephux Interview (Special Edition) EP.3
2020 Sep 3057m 21s
On Let's chop it up we had Flee Lord & Mephux stop by. The hardest working duo in the industry right now. The drive is something to celebrate. Flee breaks down the jewels he's been releasing every month. The feel on working with one producer on a...
2020 Sep 2641m 59s
On Let's chop it up we had Iceman CEO of Bag Talk Entertainment. We talked about past accomplishments and future endeavors. The man behind the Onyx success breaks down the industry game.The man behind one of the biggest deals in hip-hop to be brokered....
Heir Wallace & Noshenanigans (Interview) EP.1
2020 Sep 2123m 31s
On this episode we chop it up with Heir Wallace and Noshenanigins up and coming super group aka Husband and Wife Combination from San Diego. We celebrate the new release "Lets Go Crazy" on Notapologetic. We also learn how they stay healthy through the...