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Alex, Grant and Max take you on a journey through film with this discussion podcast about movies.


90's Horror Hall of Fame
2020 Oct 161h 54m 33s
This week we continue the horror month long marathon! Alex, Grant and Max are joined by local movie critic Rachael MacAulay as they dive into the 1990's horror catalogue.
80's Horror Hall of Fame
2020 Oct 091h 36m 4s
The guys move into the most prolific decade for horror as they explore 1980s horror! They construct a 12 movie Hall of Fame.
70's Horror Hall of Fame
2020 Oct 021h 53m 33s
The guys are joined by award winning, indie film director Derek Schneider as they take you on a journey through the 1970's and films to go into the Hall of Fame of Horror for the decade.
MINISODE - A New Bond?
2020 Sep 3024m 37s
In this first ever MINI-SODE Alex, Max and Grant talk about the recent rumors surrounding the next James Bond. Plus Max and Alex share their thoughts on a couple of new releases to the streaming world.
Box Office Bombs
2020 Sep 251h 25m 32s
This week on ETI, the guys dive into movies they loved that did not perform well at the box office.
The Keanu Reeves Hall of Fame
2020 Sep 181h 29m 11s
In this episode the guys look back at the career of Keanu Reeves and select his 10 most influential films to build out his Hall of Fame.
The Brian De Palma Bracket
2020 Sep 111h 58m 10s
To celebrate the great Brian De Palma turning 80, the guys create a March Madness style bracket of his films. Breaking down each movie and pitting it up against the other till one film is left standing.
Top 5 Overrated Films
2020 Sep 041h 38m 21s
This week we discuss our personal lists of the most overrated films of all time. Let the debates begin!
Top 5 films dealing with isolation
2020 Aug 281h 31m 55s
It's been a lonely couple of months, in this episode of Excuse the Intermission, the crew talks about their top five movies dealing with isolation.
Top 5 movies watched in lockdown
2020 Aug 261h 6m 3s
In the first ever episode of Excuse the Intermission Alex, Grant and Max talk about the the best films they have watched during the pandemic!