• Dylan
11 episodes
A group of fellas who, collectively, know barely anything.


011 I Got Pulled Over On My Green Machine
2020 Oct 261h 25s
Lot of talk about the strange things we did when we were kids. Getting pulled over, wild imaginations, Saturday morning cartoons. Oh, to be eight years old again.
010 Shoutout to Hann, Shoutout to You
2020 Oct 191h 6m 40s
Ten episodes, baybee! Why and how did we make it this far. We truly have nothing else to do. There are mugs, there are boob stories, there is sandwich talk. Enjoy if you are able.
009 You Can't Bowdiggadow Your Way Through Life
2020 Oct 121h 1m 14s
We have exactly one(1) crisp new microphone, and if I'm being honest it might fix all of our problems. Noah is once again very sleepy, Jared ate a whole cake, and Dyl might be going through some stuff. I'm just gunna say it, this might be our best episode.
008 Pythagoras is a Bitch
2020 Oct 051h 6m 47s
Howdy! We made a mistake and had to record half the episode separately! What do you expect from us. Jared and Dyl both are merely here, Noah get stuck under the table.
007 Return of the King
2020 Sep 2857m 42s
He's back, babie! Dyl is back, Jared is awake and Noah cannot sit up straight. Quarantine, trauma and pickles. A lot of nonsense, but at least it's on time.
006 Two Days Late and A Host Short
2020 Sep 2358m 40s
We have no idea what we are doing anymore. Someone find Dyl and bring him home.
005 Dyl Got the Rona
2020 Sep 141h 1m 40s
We have no idea what we are without our sweet baby Dyl. We talk for an hour about mostly tattoos and Werewolves... I think.
004 Gorilla Versus Grizzly Bear
2020 Sep 091h 1m 43s
We're late! BURP Buddhism, animal kingdom match ups, and for whatever reason a lot of dudes who refuse to die. Also, a guest that you can't hear all the time, We're doing our best.
003 Nick Cage and the Mud Babies
2020 Aug 311h 7m 45s
We talk way too much about our assholes. Also, Lord of the Rings.
002 The Mouth to Snout Technique
2020 Aug 241h 36m 1s
The audio in this one got a little wonky? We’re still working out the kinks. This one runs a little long. Grilled cheese is discussed with great passion and in great detail, Batman video games, and how to ressurect your dead dog. Trust us, we are experts.