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E175 102520 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2632m 19s
Hello Cryptonauts, China is way ahead with their CBDC/DCEP. It's exciting but scary at the same time. Big Brothers in the house. Watching your every step and listening to every breathe. You either join them or find freedom in BITCOIN!
E174 102420 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2619m 48s
Hello Cryptonauts, unfortunately it's the weekend and we have only a few news articles. But you're welcome to come chat with me on Discord. See ya there. ADIOS!
E173 102320 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2628m 34s
Hello Cryptonauts, Happy Friday. Make sure to stack SATs and HODL on CELSIUS NETWORK. I'll see y'all tomorrow. ADIOS!
E172 102220 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2630m 58s
Hello Cryptonauts, nice having you here. I truly appreciate all your positive feedback and I am grateful that I can be heard in so many Countries. With that said, I hope you enjoy the Podcast and will see you tomorrow. ADIOS!
E171 102120 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2634m 39s
Hello Cryptonauts, PAYPAL IS FINALLY HERE! BULLS ARE BACK!!! TESLA MONEY!!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! See ya tomorrow. ADIOS!
2020 Oct 221h 38m 51s
Hello Cryptonauts, here's a fun episodio chatting with Jake Jaboreli. If you want to be on the Podcast definitely reach out to me on Discord.
E169 102020 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2133m 20s
Hello Cryptonauts, geez I was really tied today but didn't want to stop the podcast. So I apologise for all the yawning. It was a long day and night. How tomorrow is a better day. Until then, ADIOS!
E168 101920 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2045m 47s
Hello Cryptonauts, today's podcast was full of rants. I'm sure I'm going to annoy a few Cryptonauts but this is the truth I speak. "BITCOIN = FINANCIAL FREEDOM" Hope to see you in discord to agree or disagree with my view points. ADIOS!
E167 101820 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2025m 56s
Hello Cryptonauts, a Cryptonaut reached out to me on Discord and wanted to know a little more about CELSIUS NETWORK. I did my best to talk the amazing benefits about being apart of CELSIUS NETWORK. So I took some time here to explain it as well. Hopefully it was informative. Enjoy the news. ADIOS!
E166 101720 TOP 10/CRYPTO NEWS
2020 Oct 2016m 23s
Hello Cryptonauts, here's a quick Podcast. A few good news. Definitely check out Circles UBI. THAT'S FREE CRYPTO! Get it while you can. ADIOS!