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Too many podcasts with too much niche? How about a podcast about nothing.? Coffee, cannabis, and interesting people, what more do you need? Sit back with Joe and Tre on Wednesday mornings as they bring on some of the Northwest's most interesting people you've never heard of. No subject is off limits, welcome to the Hippy Speedball Podcast.


Ep. 005: Eddie Van Halen and the Dude Cock
2020 Oct 1449m 58s
Guy Johnson, former bass player of PDX punk band Rendered Useless, comes by to join Tre and Joe for a little smoke and jam session in the kitchen. Guy busts out the homemade dab rigs and his acoustic bass for a short solo to close out the show.  RIP to Edward Van Halen. Rock in peace you bad mother f---er you.
Ep. 004: Cannabis & the Kid
2020 Oct 0856m 24s
Local Portland rapper and entrepreneur Jacobi King comes by the studio to hang with Joe and Tre. Hip-hop, homelessness, and happiness. It's a good day to Smile Big with the Hippy Speedball Podcast.
Ep. 003: Jesse Ventura & the Holy Trinity
2020 Oct 0151m 54s
Sumerians, Voting, the Holy Trinity, and Jesse Ventura. Time to bust out the purple punch, pineapple express and brew up some tea. It's a mellow morning here on the Hippy Speedball Podcast.
Ep. 002: SWAT Teams and Panda Porn
2020 Sep 2456m 44s
The air is clean once again so Joe and Tre brew up the Folgers and roast some Purple Punch courtesy of Wild West Emporium. Cobra Kai, Cannabis, and Pandas. It's a beautiful day to be alive. So get your coffee, take a hit, and hang back with the Hippy Speedball Podcast.
Ep. 001: Smoke & Fire
2020 Sep 2353m 19s
Welcome to the Hippy Speedball! Fresh from the West Coast wildfire evacuation, Joe and Tre swap the coffee for some PBR and Cookies and Cream from Sugar Tree Farms. Wildfires, Las Vegas and the relevancy of time itself. Nothing is off topic on the Hippy Speedball Podcast.