Haji Kaite Eigo_Nihongo
  • Sora,Japanese teacher
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Hello, I'm your teacher Sora from Haji Kaite Eigo-Nihongo class in Tokyo Japan. This radio program for all Japanese learners. I want you to enjoy listen to our class, and don't forget to speak Japanese up. 世界一やさしい 英語アドバイザーsora です! いつもの英会話レッスンの, うわずみをすくってレッスンいたします♬ 本日もアナタのお耳をはいしゃく♡ This is my website: https://instabio.cc/20923iH3x4W Instagram,Twitter,YouTube, website in mainly Japanese, website in mainly English, stand.m weekly updated. #Japan#Japanese#JapaneseLanguage#english#Tokyo#Nihongo#Nippon


#11 Useful Japanese expressions for work.
2020 Oct 284m 47s
Lets get started
#10 What is Love in Japan?
2020 Oct 271m 58s
#9 What is Love in Japan?
2020 Oct 252m 37s
#8 What is Love in Japan?
2020 Oct 242m 21s
What is love?
#7 Today's idioms!Lets learn Japanese in English!
2020 Oct 235m 35s
#1 クリスマスに/かのじょをつれて/ママのいえに/かえるよ
#6 Eating snacks after I study hard.
2020 Oct 133m 38s
Why don't we have a little chat  about a mathematics class and school lunch.
#5 Lets learn Japanese even you're feeling little down.
2020 Oct 0910m 14s
Language changes,people Changes.
#4 Japanese 16idioms for breaking up
2020 Oct 0710m 33s
#1 別れましょう
#3 Japanese10 idioms for work.Greeting,place and time,agree or disagree.
2020 Oct 0211m 23s
When you work in Japan or you work with Japanese people,you can use these expressions.About a time,you study numbers in Japanese from one to fifty nine.
#2 Let's learn Japanese 15idioms for caring your baby!
2020 Sep 2515m 59s
Please speak out these 15expressions.for your baby,for your companion and so on!生きとし生きる者につかえる英語表現♡愛情表現をシェアします!