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  • Dr. Nicole M. Vienna
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Welcome to The Forensic Psychologist Podcast- the show where we discuss the niche practice area of Forensic Psychology. We delve into the realms of psychology, law, and human behavior. I am your host, Dr. Nicole Vienna, Forensic Psychologist and Clinical Director at Vienna Psychological Group, Inc.


Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations (Personal Injury Cases)
2020 Oct 2046m 29s
The two most common areas that are involved in personal injury litigation are head injuries and PTSD. They come up most often in either car accidents or industrial accidents. The outcome of these cases can help the plaintiffs get compensated and get the treatment they need to get better. A thorough evaluation will help determine the compensation and treatment they need. These evaluations also help identify those that are exaggerating or malingering symptoms for secondary gain.
Immigration Evaluations with Dr. Sonia Rodriguez
2020 Oct 0529m 15s
In this episode, I interview Dr. Sonia Rodriguez on the topic of immigration evaluations. Specifically, we delve into an overview of the hardship waiver process and extreme hardship factors. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez explains her approach to this forensic psychological evaluation and how to gain experience in this specialty area.
A broad definition of forensic psychology and introduction to your host, Dr. Nicole M. Vienna!
2020 Sep 219m 50s
A broad and brief review of what is forensic psychology. In addition, I introduce myself so you know who is hosting this podcast!
Welcome to the Forensic Psychologist Podcast!
2020 Sep 2044s
A 60 second trailer to the upcoming season of The Forensic Psychologist Podcast.