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Across the Veil is the opportunity for you to connect with the masters, teachers, guides, and those who have proceeded you across the veil.Sharing insight, wisdom, and guidance.


4th of July Questions
2016 Jul 073m 7s
Call in during July every Thursday at 10 AM Mt. to get your short question answered.
Across the Veil with April: Insight, wisdom and guidance as we walk this journey
2016 May 0325m 25s
Importance of change and looking at options, connecting with insight wisdom and guidance and any messages that maybe shared from the masters teachers and guides.
Looking for guidance wisdom and insight? Journey across the Veil
2016 May 0324m 2s
Join me as we journey across the veil to get insight wisdom and knowledge.
Energy Emerging
2012 Jan 1629m 28s
Join April Lugo PhD, Kelley Sheppard, and their Co-hosts as they share information with you about Energy Emerging Healing Modality.