• Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition
3 episodes
The Consensus Podcast is the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition's show centered on having political discussions with people with opposing views. Every week, we'll bring on two different Georgetown students to debate and discuss a political issue they disagree on. We'll also be interviewing professors and other members of the Georgetown community from time to time. We hope that this show will bring about more civil political discourse at Georgetown and be an example of how people from different sides of an issue can come together to talk rationally to one another and solve problems.


Meet The Board
2020 Sep 2854m 16s
The entire board of the Bipartisan Coalition gets together to for listeners and new club members to meet and get to know everyone. Recorded on August 30th
Episode 1 - Gun Control
2020 Sep 241h 4m 25s
For the show's pilot, I talk with GBC's director of roundtables, Tyler Van Patton, and our treasurer, Matteo Caulfield, about gun control legislation in America and look to see if a moderate Democrat and a moderate Republican can't see eye to eye on the issue. Recorded on July 27th
Introduction to the Show
2020 Sep 232m 22s
An introduction to The Consensus and a preview of what the show will look like this fall