Respectfully Disrespectful
  • Sunday Meadow
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Here I will be giving my thoughts and views on life, religion, cults, politics, family and God. I mainly focus on the Jehovah's witness religion as I am a former member.


Final Presidential Debate Live Reactions
2020 Oct 241h 36m 6s
Epic debate
Hunter Biden Broke Twitter
2020 Oct 1616m 1s
New york post released a damning article about Hunter 🤯 Twitter was down for most of the afternoon. Town hall event was being broadcasted with most of us Patriots unable to tweet including myself. What a bummer! But I got you guys 🥰 Here's a few of my initial thoughts about it.
Vice Presidential debate - Live Reactions
2020 Oct 081h 48m 21s
Pence won, that's all imma say
Post-Debate Political Commentary With Landon
2020 Sep 3050m 32s
Interviewing a Twitter mutual.
Presidential Debate LIVE reactions!
2020 Sep 301h 37m 49s
Your about to listen to my live reactions listening to the debate last night. MAGA 2020 baby
Family Fueds: Gossip & Rumors!
2020 Sep 291h 41m 53s
Our cover has been blown! Here we process our feelings and emotions about the family finding out about my podcast and calls to shut it down! Threatening us won't work and we are past the point of fear.
Breaking News: Jehovah's witnesses no longer consider their own as members rather as "Individuals"
2020 Sep 2811m 28s
I'm truly still in disbelief like what's the point of baptism really if now I'm not even considered a member 😂
What it's like being a Jehovah's Witness as a teenager
2020 Sep 2830m 21s
Being a regular adult Jehovah's witness is probably easier than being born & raised 😂🤭 let alone being a teenager! Everything changes and I mean literally everything changes by the time you start realizing 18 is the year of freedom. Your gearing up for your declaration of independence! 😂 Even if it means war. I rather die FREE!
Lloyd Evans Accused of Hate Speech? Mark O'Donnell suspended?!!!
2020 Sep 2331m 6s
Guys watch Lloyd's video to get the inside scoop