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The HR Data Labs podcast is dedicated to Human Resource professionals hearing the latest thoughts of innovators and experts from around the world of business focusing on HR Data and Analytics. Sometimes we may get passionate or a little carried away, but we are always fun and insightful.


HR Data Labs podcast - Episode 4 - Regulation S-K: What it is and Why you should listen to this NOW!
2020 Oct 2127m 20s
This episode of HR Data Labs is quite interesting.  It is on the new SEC Regulation S-K which mandates the disclosure of material Human Capital issues for FY 2020.  To answer that question we are welcoming back Dino Zincarini and introducing Ian Cook...
HR Data Labs podcast - Episode 3 - The Roadblocks in the Way of Putting your Data to Work
2020 Oct 1321m 8s
We will listen to Dino Zincarini about the roadblocks that get in the way of HR utilizing data, and what we can do to optimize the process.
HR Data Labs podcast - Episode 2 - Integrating Statistical Expertise into HR Data
2020 Oct 0818m 15s
Welcome back to the HR Data Labs Podcast, your one-stop-shop for everything happening in People Analytics today. Today’s guest is Dr. Dawn H Nicholson. Dr. Nicholson is a former HR practitioner, consultant and executive. Now she is a Lecturer in...
HR Data Labs podcast - Episode 1 - HR Data is Flawed!
2020 Sep 3018m 59s
HR Data Labs Episode 1 where David Turetsky talks about how HR Data is flawed, but is still valuable.