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Hey, my podcast are going to be about my perception on life, meditation podcast, and advice about life. Each episode will be talking about different topics. Here i’m hoping to open your eyes to my beliefs, and understandings about this crazy life we will. I hope you enjoy it! remember live life to its fullest because you never know when it’s going to be over man.


dealing with your emotions
2020 May 1311m 49s
Episode 2, in this podcast i’ll be talking about how to handle and deal with your emotions by giving advice and guidance through how you can get your mind off of things.
a little about my beliefs on life
2020 May 125m 35s
On today’s podcast i’ll mention a little of what I think about life it’s not too long or in depth about everything, but it’s my first podcast to kickoff my future ones and give a little taste of what i’ll be talking about. I hope you enjoy (: