• Olivia Lobas and Alisha Uguccini
20 episodes
Just two best friends Liv and Lish who love to talk about all things true crime and spooky!


Episode 20: Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
2020 Oct 261h 29m 22s
Lish tells us some spook stories about the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. We even have a guest that has visited it not just once but twice. Listen to hear these fukin' ghost stories
Episode 19: Short Spook What The Fuck Edition
2020 Oct 2233m 55s
Lish tells not one but two what the fuck short spooks. One just wasn't enough
Episode 18: Albert Fish
2020 Oct 1956m 26s
Liv kicks off a story with an amazing guest. This episode is about a real fucked up individual named Albert Fish. He's the most disgusting individual to ever walk this earth. He molested, killed and ate children. He's a real fuck-face
Episode 17: Mary Bell Short Spook
2020 Oct 1433m 12s
Short spook told by Liv, with guest star ROSEMARIE
Episode 16: Daniel Laplante and Ghost Stories
2020 Oct 121h 25m 26s
Our third head to our third headed monster is our guest on todays episode! Rose!
Episode 15: Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 Short Spook
2020 Oct 0836m 3s
Lisha tells the story of the missing Uruguayan air plane, super fucked. Involves some cannibalism and oh yeah also a guest.... DEVON
Episode 14: Joseph Kallinger
2020 Oct 051h 51m 31s
Our 2nd guest, Liv's very own cousin Devon speaks on our podcast. Lisha tells the fucked up story of Joseph Kallinger, a piece of shit dude who had the devil in his dick. Get ready for Dick talk, pussy juices and some childhood stories
Episode 13: Israel Keyes Part 2 Short Spook
2020 Oct 0238m 46s
Lisha continues to fuck our day up with this short spook. Part 2 of the freak that is Israel Keyes. Including a really shitty poem written by him.
Episode 12: Israel Keyes Part 1
2020 Sep 2846m 17s
Lisha tells us about a complete crazy person who took his "other life" way to far, and spent way to much money and time on his kills. Israel Keyes you are fucked. Listen up bitches, part 2 is coming thursday
Episode 11: Franklin Castle Short Spook
2020 Sep 2444m 55s
Watch out for those ghostly figures in the windows, Liv spooks you all with the story of Cleveland's own Franklin Castle and the history behind it.