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Tea and a Read. A small podcast on books, fun reads, manga and Anime. With some commentary on sexual things. Feel free to email me at GHoolly@outlook.com, Instagram TheHooligans_Podcast for any comments or suggestions or follow me on TikTok @Baddybe


New manga, Yaoi and Audio P*rn
2020 Sep 2318m 6s
Manga list *My Beast Son's in Heat manga*Yasashikushitanara Nokosazu Tabete*seishunchuu*Remarried Empress*Midnight Poppy Land
Sero Mafia YY And drunken Chat
2020 Sep 2124m 44s
Hey Guys I did start an Instagram called @ TheHooligans_Podcast Please follow me to chat and look at art and just chilaxThank you
Aizawa Night classes reaction YY
2020 Sep 1429m 30s
I tired not too freak out but Em and I had multiple giggle fits, when I say this was alot it was alot but that is also why I love Aizawa, shinso coming up next so stay tuned.
ASMR Anime Fanfic, Yagmi updat and chat
2020 Sep 1018m 42s
Going back to the office, but still trying to maintain a proper uploading schedule any request feel free to email me TY
Anime chat, yagmi thoughts,
2020 Sep 0423m 31s
Just a chaty episode head very full of thoughts
Reviewing Yagami pig slut Hawks
2020 Sep 0219m 17s
This is my review on Yagami yato audio which has been cut due to the audio being available on her patreon Which please do support her and her amazing workTY
Yagami updates, Shojo Anime, and chat
2020 Aug 2425m 58s
Follow me @baddybe on TiktokJust a chat on new yagami yato content,Shojo anime recommendations and a little chat about the world today and how I feel about things
Yagami Yato Aizawa pegging Reaction & pegging ranking
2020 Aug 1914m 36s
OK so I did it, Umm talk about driving someone over the edge.Pegging rankings according to my own tasteIF you have any suggestions email me at ghoolly@outlook.com or find me on tiktok at BaddybeTY
Anime men I Simp for/ Anime recommendations
2020 Aug 1815m 27s
Total daddy issues episode with anime recommendations Follow me on tiktok at BaddybeHaiykkuMy hero academiaNarutoTokyo Ghoul7 Deadly sinsAttack on titians The wall followerSamurai ChamplooAssasination Classroom Is this A zombie
Vampire yaoi
2020 Aug 0921m 50s
What am I reading right now 1. Blood bank 2. Blood link3. The Devils temptation