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A podcast exploring the cannabis industry in New Mexico. Hosted by Andy Lyman, reporter at New Mexico Political Report, and Megan Kamerick, correspondent at New Mexico PBS, on-air host at KUNM radio and former business reporter.


Cannabis Education | 10.27.20
2020 Oct 2723m 17s
This week, we go back to school on cannabis education. And, we're not just talking about understanding how to get your medical card and how the plant can help alleviate pain and discomfort or even, potentially, help a person kick an addiction to opiates. It also has to do with how much cannabis dispensary employees should know about medical conditions and advising patients on the proper strains and doses to take. We'll walk you through the process from beginning to end and find out what kind of training requirements the experts say there should be in this burgeoning industry.
Pulling Back the Leaves | 10.20.20
2020 Oct 2022m 1s
This week on "Growing Forward" we are truly pulling back the leaves, exploring more about the cannabis plant itself. Have you ever wondered how the plant works? Do you know what terpenes are? You will after listening to this episode! We'll also discuss other important issues, what goes into growing cannabis, and what it means for one of New Mexico's most precious resources: water.
Who's Running Things | 10.09.20
2020 Oct 1326m 41s
This time on Growing Forward we take a closer look at those people running the medical cannabis program, and how legalizing recreational cannabis would impact how they do business. This includes manufacturers and dispensary owners. It's a diverse group of people at the heart of this industry, and includes some surprise names. We'll also delve into other issues like plant limits and licenses and well as management companies, a fairly new approach to work within those license limits.
The Dynamics of Legalization | 10.6.20
2020 Oct 0628m 7s
The push for the legalization of recreational cannabis has really picked up in recent years in the New Mexico legislature. In this week's episode, we look back at those efforts to date, and the strategy behind the legislation proposed in past sessions. We talk to lawmakers and advocates about how that legislation addresses complicated issues like restorative justice, protecting the medical cannabis program, and other regulation concerns.
An Abridged History of Medical Cannabis in New Mexico | 9.29.20
2020 Sep 2928m 14s
The debate over medical cannabis use in New Mexico goes back to the 1970s. But it really cranked up in the 1990s, when former Governor Gary Johnson came out in support of legalization and decriminalization. It was a controversial stance at the time, but was coupled by the early stages of a push for legislation creating a medical cannabis program. That debate would last for nearly a decade, but the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act was signed into law in 2007. In this episode of "Growing Forward" we look back at that time and talk to lawmakers and advocates who worked tirelessly to create the nation's 13th medical cannabis program.
Preview: How Did We Get Here | 9.22.20
2020 Sep 2228m 12s
"Growing Forward" is a podcast dedicated to covering the cannabis industry in New Mexico. Right now that only includes the medical program, but lawmakers are inching closer to legalizing recreational cannabis as well. Before we dive into all the intricacies and nuances of legalization, we wanted to take a step back and give you the history of how we got to this place and time. Hosts Andy Lyman of the NM Political Report and Megan Kamerick, Correspondent at NMPBS and on-air host at KUNM discuss the start of the medical program in New Mexico, and what happened with recent attempts to pass legalization legislation in the Roundhouse. Be sure to subscribe to "Growing Forward" today and listen in next week (September 29) as we officially premiere episode 1 of season 1.
Growing Forward Season 1 Trailer
2020 Sep 0953s
Growing Forward is a journalistic endeavor designed to cover the cannabis industry in New Mexico. Season 1 officially premieres on Tuesday, September 29th. The podcast is a collaboration between New Mexico PBS and New Mexico Political Report, with funding provided by the New Mexico Local News Fund.