• Alex Holden
5 episodes
Discussing social, political, economic, and cultural issues in The Bahamas.


Cronyism and Colonialism - with Spectrum Politics
2020 Sep 141h 12m 38s
September 14th 2020 | In Episode 5 I speak with two hosts from the newly founded organisation Spectrum Politics, Kristoff Strachan and Denzel Bazard. We dive into the history of party politics in The Bahamas, its characteristics and perceptions, and the ways in which we can avoid the pitfalls of tribalism and partisanship that are so clearly afflicting our Northern neighbours. ----- You can follow Spectrum on Twitter @spectrumpol for fun, local commentary and insights into Bahamian politics.
Dollars and Consense - with Stefen Deleveaux
2020 Sep 071h 9m 4s
September 7th 2020 | This episode I speak with Bahamian Economist and Blockchain Advocate Stefen Deleveaux. We discuss our observations of the current economic crisis, its preceding drivers, and our ability to navigate future challenges safely. We talk cryptocurrency, the power of distributed ledgers, and how we can put them to work for our collective benefit. ----- You can follow Stefen on Twitter @stefdelev or connect with his work at the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance at http://www.cbahub.org
Sex and Subterfuge - with Erin Greene
2020 Sep 021h 43m 4s
September 2nd 2020 | In the 3rd episode of CWaC, I speak with LGBTI and Women's Rights Activist Erin Greene. We discuss human rights, the controversial gender equality referendum of 2016, and the reasons for its failure. We talk gay rights, transgender discrimination, the power of the church, and the potential for progress. Erin speaks to how The Bahamas has contributed to human rights globally, and the role we have yet to play. ----- You can follow Erin on her personal Facebook page, or connect with her through BLEA (Bahamas LGBT Equality Advocates).
The Other Epidemic - with Harrison Thompson
2020 Aug 2553m 2s
August 25th 2020 | In the 2nd episode of Conversations with a Conch, I speak with Therapist and Bahamian Icon Harrison Thompson. We discuss the recent turnaround in the government's approach to Covid-19, mental health in a Caribbean culture, the effects of poverty on IQ and the benefits of human flourishing. ----- Follow Harrison through his Facebook Page @HarrisonHelps or connect with him directly on Twitter @IamHarrison242
Politics in a Pandemic - with Travis L. Robinson
2020 Aug 211h 1m 53s
August 20th 2020 | For the inaugural episode of Conversations with a Conch, I speak with Member of Parliament Travis L. Robinson. We discuss some of the current challenges facing The Bahamas - Covid-19, hurricanes, and the difficulties of governing in a pandemic. We also discuss personal empowerment and hope in times of uncertainty, while touching on what a possible road to recovery might look like. ----- Contact Travis through the Bain and Grants Town Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=751427408321761&ref=content_filter