• Dale Allen
53 episodes
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Never tire of doing what is right!
2020 Oct 136m 11s
Always do the right things in life.
I love you just the way you are!!
2020 Oct 053m 42s
Love well and genuinely the way our FATHER GOD Loves us.
Limitless faith
2020 Sep 207m 47s
Hear the voice of the FATHER!
JESUS Christ lives in you!
2020 Sep 098m 12s
Spend time with JESUS!
Seeking GOD'S face!
2020 Aug 287m 11s
Our face is the index of our minds!
Reliance on GOD!
2020 Aug 235m 38s
Pray,Praise, and be Patient.
Birthday card to FATHER GOD
2020 Aug 233m
Thankful to the FATHER
Trust GOD to do HIS will!
2020 Aug 203m 22s
GOD will answer all of our prayers.
2020 Aug 073m 2s
Be all-in with GOD!
Desperate prayers for desperate times!
2020 Jul 303m 29s
Keep praying and trusting in GOD.