Simple Money, Simple Life
  • Matt Erickson
8 episodes
This is a podcast dedicated to exploring how simplicity beats complexity, especially in money matters. We explore how to save and invest as well as how living a simple life is a joyful life.


7. What portfolio is right for you?
2020 Oct 2321m 26s
In this episode we dive into how to construct a simple and fantastic investment portfolio. We define asset allocation, standard deviation, tilting, diversification, and hedge funds. Resources:
6. Do you like F.I.R.E?
2020 Oct 1627m 5s
In this episode we explore the Financial Independence Retire Early movement. Find out what it is and what parts of it might be right for you! Resources: Four Percent Rule: William Bengen. Average car payment:$554 (
5. Beware of the Diderot Effect
2020 Oct 0921m 19s
In this episode we explore the Diderot Effect and how it plays out in our day to day lives, especially with financial matters. Additional Resources:
4. Investing Basics Part 2
2020 Oct 0224m 25s
In this episode we explore market capitalization and why that matters in investing. We also explore total market index funds and target date funds. We discuss 6 keys to successful investing as well.
3. Investing Basics Part 1
2020 Sep 2526m 13s
In this episode we dive into investing basics including understanding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s, and 401k’s. I hope you enjoy the episode and share it with a friend!
2. 11 strategies to achieve simplicity in personal finance.
2020 Sep 1923m 19s
In this episode we dive into exploring 11 useful strategies to keep our finances simple and on track. This are strategies that can be implemented and used immediately. Enjoy the episode!
1. Why this podcast?
2020 Sep 1412m 34s
In this episode we explore the “why” behind this podcast and set the stage for future episodes.