Casual American English with Amy
  • Amy Thomson
28 episodes
Learn casual American English with Amy. Common American English phrases and more! Small class style learning. I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. I lived in Germany for 5 years. I know what it is like to learn a new language and want to perfect it. I will work with you to improve your speaking skills and understanding. Support this podcast:


YouTube - Casual American English with Amy Thomson
2020 Oct 191m 30s
Please join me at my new YouTube channel. I am using Doodly to teach.
I made a YouTube channel for you. Seeing the words & phrases will be helpful.
2020 Oct 181m 27s
Each video takes about 8 hours to make. I will upload as often as I can. Thank you for your support & encouragement! The YouTube link is listed in the podcast as my website.
The letter “V”. 72 words that begin with the letter “V” & 55 words with the letter “ v” in them.
2020 Oct 1214m 42s
The sound of the letter “V” can be difficult. Listen to me same these words and repeat after me.
Prefix & suffix of root-words. This is very important in understand how the words are built.
2020 Oct 1112m 9s
Understanding the prefix & suffix will you to understand the words and how they change or adjust in context.
‘V’ words. ** 72 words that begin with the letter ‘v’ & 50 words that have a ‘v’ in them.
2020 Oct 1114m 32s
We practice the sound of the letter ‘v’. This sound can be mastered with practice.
Contractions- 2 words blended together to make one sound
2020 Oct 0415m 36s
These can be difficult but you can do it. Practice and replay. These will really help your speaking to flow.
‘squ’, ‘aqu” and simple colors
2020 Oct 027m 19s
We cover some difficult sounds, then relax with some colors, and then try a few more difficult sounds. 😳
30 more ‘W’ words & 25 ‘W’ names
2020 Oct 019m 30s
Pronouncing names correctly is very important. Practice makes perfect 😁
50 “W’ words. Great practice with the ‘w’.
2020 Oct 019m 10s
Each word is said twice and then I explain some of the oddities with them. Repeat these as many times as you need too😊