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Say Tioco shares everything life has taught her so far about independent living, love, sex, relationships, career, solo traveling, and many more!


Episode 16: "What Do You Think About Online Dating?" ft. Leah Fentrouci
2020 Sep 2139m 2s
In this week's episode, we talk about ONLINE DATING with my friend, Leah Gonzales Fentrouci, known as HeyoLeah on her socials. What do we think about online dating especially during the pandemic? Our encounters with people we met online, best and worst dates, and many more! Enjoy listening!
Episode 15: How Do I Handle Anxiety During the Pandemic? ft. Joanne C. Ongsitco, Ed.S, LMHC
2020 Sep 1220m 38s
One of the most popular questions I always received. HOW do I handle my anxiety during this time? I invited my best friend all the way from Miami, Florida to discuss this important topic today.
Episode 14: What Are Marriage Expections VS. Realities? ft Jessica Godinez
2020 Sep 0439m 11s
In this episode, we talk about the different marriage expectations and realities. I invited my very good friend Jessica Godinez to share her wisdom on this matter. We tackle the highs and lows of marriage, her opinion on using sex toys with her husband, and why she thinks love alone won't keep you alive (like the lyrics from that Eagles song my dad used to love singing!)
Episode 13: “Would You Date A Woman?” ft. Nikki Torres
2020 Aug 2944m 35s
In this episode I answer the question “Would you date a woman?” And we are also going to discuss different types lesbian relationships, how sex and using sex toys are with this type of partnership, and many more things about this topic with our first guest ever—Nikki Torres. Nikki is a Holistic Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher, content creator behind, and the podcast GOOD RUDE AND PARTLY NUDE
Episode 12: "How Do You Deal with Grief?"
2020 Aug 2229m 55s
In today's episode we talk about how I dealt with grief (losing my father).
Episode 11: "When Are You Getting Married?"
2020 Aug 1521m 40s
In this episode we dive into why this question can be problematic in our society's pakialamera-culture.
Episode 10: "Why Do You Call Out Sexual Harassers?"
2020 Aug 0927m 30s
Welcome to the FINAL episode of SEASON 1! I can't believe we've done 10 episodes. Wow. Thank you so much for supporting Ask Say The Podcast! Let me know what you think about this episode by sharing it on social media with the #AskSayThePodcast!
Episode 9: "What Do You Think About CHEATING?"
2020 Jul 3122m 40s
In today's episode we talk about CHEATING in relationships.  What are the kinds of cheating? Why do people cheat? Is cheating a choice? Can you go back from cheating?
Episode 8: "Why Do You Block People?"
2020 Jul 2613m 11s
In this episode I explain why I block people and share the importance of setting boundaries.
Episode 7: "How Do You Love Your Own BODY and OWN Your Sexuality?"
2020 Jul 2311m 6s
In this episode I share how you can love your own body, get to know your vulva, discover what turns you on, and fully embrace your sexuality! Enjoy listening!I mentioned exploring with sex toys, and you get to use the code "SAYILYA" when you checkout on...