Gen Z and Me - 13 Going on 31
  • Elizabeth Greer Kelly
3 episodes
Little and Big sisters, Samirah and Greer discuss life, pop culture and current events from two different perspectives.


Go Vote
2020 Sep 2552m
Samirah and Greer talk politics and the upcoming election.
Welcome to Middle School - 2020
2020 Sep 0748m 15s
Samirah and Greer discuss the difference in middle school between 2002 and 2020. This episode covers middle school curriculum, virtual learning,  extra-curricular activities, communication, socialization, fashion, music, television, movies, friends and dating.
Promo - Introduction to Gen Z and Me - 13 Going on 31
2020 Aug 231m
Introduction to our podcast - Little and Big Sisters, Samirah and Greer talk pop culture, current events and life in general