• Seiji Saeki
5 episodes
“The Empty Hand” is a podcast hosted by karate practitioner Seiji Saeki with members of the karate community or others to discover ideas, stories and approaches to daily life.


#5 - Don Sharp
2020 Oct 221h 32m 5s
Don Sharp is the most decorated JKA Kumite Champion in the Americas having successfully competed in all levels of competition.  He is the first North American to have won the JKA World Championships in 1996 in kumite.
#4 - Thomas Chin
2020 Oct 151h 33m 52s
Thomas Chin is a dedicated healthcare professional & multi time national kata champion. Having taken his talents to Japan, he has qualified for the JKA All Japan Championships in both Kata & Kumite representing Tokyo Prefecture.
#3 - Ray Tio
2020 Oct 081h 29m 41s
Ray Tio is the most decorated JKA Kata Champion in the Americas. His team was the first to reach the podium representing Canada at the 8th Shoto World Cup held at the Nippon Budokan. He is currently the Owner and Head Instructor at World Class Karate in Canada.
#2 - Roisin Akimoto
2020 Oct 011h 36s
Roisin Akimoto is the only woman outside of Japan to have completed instructors training at the JKA Headquarters.  She is a highly decorated karateka and the only non-Japanese to reach the podium in Kata at the JKA All Japan Championships.
#1 - Minoru Saeki
2020 Sep 241h 36m 59s
Minoru Saeki is a 7th dan from the Japan Karate Association (JKA).  He is a karate pioneer in North America and has received the Prime Minister’s Award for his contributions to community development.