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Enquire exists to share ideas and explore life. In the podcast I aim to bring together a wide range of different people across different worldviews.


Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
2020 Sep 2251m 22s
In this episode Jez sits down with Luke Harmer, a Christian who struggles with OCD, to gain a better insight into what it's like living with a mental health disorder.
Near Death Experiences
2020 Sep 1459m 56s
In this conversation I spoke to my friend Aj Cilliers about near death experiences, the after life and the hope on offer in message of the Bible.
A Brief History of Work: How Attitudes Have Changed Over Time
2020 Sep 1455m
With Dr Paul Frost.In this episode I spoke with Paul about how attitudes towards work have changed over time and what we can learn about ultimate meaning and purpose from work.
The Beast of Boredom
2020 Jul 3139m 50s
In this first ever episode of Enquire Jez catches up with Enquire co-founder and phd industrial relations expert Paul Frost to discuss, time, work and boredom.
2020 Jul 3039m 21s
In this episode Jez caught up with three friends to discuss race, diversity and the global impact of George Floyd's death.
How To Thrive In a Relationship
2020 Jul 2932m 3s
In this episode Jez caught up with Chris Hollis (Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor) to discuss how to thrive in a relationship. With the challenges and extra pressures on couples following the current pandemic Chris shares some practical and profound insights into love lives under lockdown.