What The Perf!
  • Mrunal and Nitesh
9 episodes
A podcast about all things Software Performance! Your hosts Mrunal and Nitesh talk about Performance topics, Industry trends and news. Occasionally there will also be Interviews with Performance professionals, Explainers and Book Reviews! A new episode will be published every 2 weeks! Subscribe and Stay tuned!


Ep. 09. Explainer : Cardinality in Databases
2020 Oct 1813m 19s
In this Episode we explain what is Cardinality in databases.
Ep. 08. Book Review: High Performance Browser Networking
2020 Oct 0422m 14s
In this Episode we talk about the book High Performance Browser Networking written by Ilya Grigorik and why every Performance Engineer should read it.
Ep. 07. Interview with Sajeesh Nair, Head of Performance Engineering, Druva
2020 Sep 2044m 56s
We talk to Sajeesh Nair about Storage Performance, applying First Principles Thinking to solving performance issues and a lot more interesting stuff.
Ep. 06. Performance Testing Best Practices
2020 Sep 0626m 6s
In this episode we explore some of the best practices you can follow to save time, avoid mistakes and add value to your performance testing project.
Ep. 05. How to do Performance Testing?
2020 Aug 2322m 34s
In this episode we explore what are the steps involved in performance testing and their significance. Listen and enjoy! Don't forget to share feedback on twitter @whattheperf
Ep. 04. Interview with Ganesh Narasimhadevara, Director of DevSecOps @ ZestMoney
2020 Aug 0942m 5s
In this Episode we talk to Ganesh Narasimhadevara, who is the Director of DevSecOps @ ZestMoney. We spoke about his journey in tech industry, shift to devops from performance, advice for new performance engineers and future roles for performance engineers.
Ep. 03. Why do we need Performance Testing?
2020 Jul 2617m 57s
In this episode we discuss, the importance, impact and need of performance testing.
Ep. 02. What is Performance Testing?
2020 Jul 1218m 31s
In this episode we explore the definition of performance testing, what it actually means, what are the main types and related industry news.
Ep. 01. Introduction
2020 Jun 281m 3s
Introductory episode to know "What the Perf!"