Stone's Notes
  • Maureen Stonehouse
12 episodes
Geology research papers on the go. Because the present is the key to the past, and history repeats itself. Learn from the experts to save yourself time. New episodes premiere every Wednesday.


CO2 Enhanced Recovery with Dave Hills
2020 Oct 2825m 53s
This conversation with Dave Hills is about the geology of the first large-scale CO2 enhanced oil recovery project kicking off in the Leduc Clive Field in Central Alberta, based on Dave Hill's  technical article titled “CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in...
Possible evolution due to Microbial Mats with Murray Gingras
2020 Oct 2228m 20s
This conversation with Murray Gingras is about how the first animals survived in low oxygen environments, based on Murray Gingras, James W. Hagadorn, Adolf Seilacher, Stefan V. Lalonde, Ernesto Pecoits, Daniel Petrash, and Kurt O. Konhauser's ...
Montney Equivalent Sulphur Mountain Outcrops with Isabelle Zelazny
2020 Oct 1426m 30s
This conversation with Isabelle Zelazny is about Montney outcrops, based on Isabelle Zelazny, Aimee Gegolick, John-Paul Zonneveld, Tiffany Player, and Thomas Moslow’s  scientific article titled “Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and geochemistry of Sulphur...
Mudstone Properties in Interbedded Reservoirs, Examples from Duvernay and Woodford, with Henry Galvis-Portilla
2020 Oct 0944m 42s
This conversation with Henry Galvis-Portilla is about comparing and contrasting heterogeneities in the Duvernay and Woodford Formations, based on his scientific article titled "Multi-scale Integration of Mudstone Properties in Interbedded Reservoirs,...
Blind thrusts and fault related folds in the Kaskapau and Cardium with Bruce Hart
2020 Oct 0133m 30s
This conversation with Bruce Hart is about fractures and folds in the Cardium Formation due to underlying Kaskapau faults, based on his study titled "Blind thrusts and fault-related folds in the Upper Cretaceous Alberta Group, deep basin, west-central...
Predict Delta Sediment Volume using Channel Fulcrum Approach, Dunvegan example, with Wen Lin
2020 Sep 2323m 48s
This conversation with Wen Lin is about predicting the delta volume from the trunk river parameters using the fulcrum approach, based on his study titled "Estimation of Source-to-Sink Mass Balance by a Fulcrum Approach Using Channel Paleohydrologic...
Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites with Don Hladiuk
2020 Sep 1624m 29s
This conversation with Don Hladiuk is about the planetary geology focusing on meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites.  How do you recognize a space rock from an Earth rock?  Where do meteorites come from?  How are meteorites brought back from space?  What...
Geological Wonders from Banff to Jasper with Dale Leckie
2020 Sep 0945m 36s
This conversation with Dale Leckie is about the roadside geology you will see as you drive from Banff to Jasper as discussed in his book titled "Rocks, Ridges, and Rivers - Geological Wonders of Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks".Have you ever been...
Burrow-Associated Dolomites in the Wabamun with Greg Baniak
2020 Sep 0128m 14s
This conversation with Greg Baniak is about dual porosity and dual permeability due to ichnology, based on his study titled "Reservoir characterization of burrow-associated dolomites in the Upper Devonian Wabamun Group, Pine Creek gas field, central...
Shoreface, Shelf, and Incised-Valley Deposits of the Glauconitic Sandstone in SE AB with Andre Koladich
2020 Aug 1831m 8s
This conversation with Andre is about the geology of the Glauconitic Sands, based on his study titled "Shoreface to Shallow Shelf and Estuarine Incised-Valley Deposits of the Lower Cretaceous Glauconitic Sandstone in the Jenner Upper Manville E Pool, SE...