She Means Bizness with Stacy Ho
  • Stacy Ho
12 episodes
I created this show, “She Means Bizness with Stacy Ho,” because I want to contribute to this growing sisterhood movement in the business space. I appreciate how we women are galvanising together; supporting each other to succeed at high levels. I especially would like to reach out to women who are embarking on their business journey, women who may be totally new to business and who are taking this giant step into running their own business! If you are reading this and thinking, “oh that’s me!” then this podcast is for you! The learning curve is steep and at times overwhelming. My mission is to be with you through this journey as your cheerleader and helpful guide. I want to provide you straight up information on how to win. This podcast will give you tools, tips, strategies, insights and perspectives on running a business. Episodes vary in length: Longer episodes of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs/mentors/industry experts and shorter mini-on-the-go episodes with precise content covering business concepts, techniques and strategies. I really hope that this podcast can be a place you can tune into to get inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, a-ha moments and friendship. :) The Road of Entrepreneurship is one great glorious adventure! I look forward to navigating this path with you. Rooting for you, Stacy


#02 The Importance of Self-Care
2020 Oct 1846m 19s
In this episode, Annie shares helpful tips and insights that she acquired through her business journey.
#01: Plant the Seed and Watch it Grow - Melo Ngai
2020 Oct 0830m 9s
In this episode, Melo shares her thoughts about entrepreneurship and how she got started with her project: With Love Comes Art
Get God Involved in Your Business
2020 Oct 029m 45s
I share how I was able to hit the rank of #3 Entrepreneur Podcast in Hong Kong within a day!
Just Start! - Heather Marie Annis
2020 Sep 2810m 22s
Just Start!
Trust in the Significance of Your Life - Elizabeth Ellis
2020 Sep 289m 59s
Be brave and be patient.
Step In Faith - Donna Marie Talosig
2020 Sep 2812m 38s
Donna says she knows she is not capable and she does not have the 'skillset' for business, but knowing that God is behind her truly gives her all the confidence for her to push forward.
Unlearn So That You Can Create Beyond Your Limitations - Cissy Chan
2020 Sep 289m 56s
Cissy recently started her business project. Before, she never considered turning her passion into a viable business because she had previous conceptions of how a business looked like. It was only when she unlearned all her preconceived notions of what business looked like then that led to the birth of her business.
Be Inspired by the Story of Mrs. Lily Woo - Cindy Wu
2020 Sep 289m 43s
We are fortunate to be born in an era in which it is okay for us women to succeed at what we are good at. We have all the resources and all the emotional support to achieve everything that our grandmothers wish they could have done. Now, we can do it for them.
Embrace the Uncertainty - Becky Wong
2020 Sep 289m 41s
Embrace the Uncertainty in all shapes and forms. No one gets it right straight away. No one is an overnight success. You will keep learning and growing along the way, entrepreneurship is an exciting (and fulfilling) roller coaster ride!
Drive, Perseverance and Passion - Annie
2020 Sep 289m 29s
Annie shares what are the two key things that entrepreneurs should know when starting a business. They are: Drive Perseverance and Passion...and Adaptability! Annie also shares her story on what pushed her to start her entrepreneur journey.