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The most dynamic Atlanta enthusiasts and culture experts collaboratively launched ‘The Appeal: Unfiltered.’ It is an authentic taste-making cultural platform that showcases Atlanta’s vibrant appeal in the media and music industry. Neima Abdulahi & Brii Renee will unravel the multi-layers that make ATL the #1 destination for the culture. Neima is an Emmy-nominated journalist who has spent her TV career in major markets creating culture content. Brii Renee is a dynamic on-air personality, actress and entrepreneur who is well-established in the A. Follow @TheAppealUnfiltered on Instagram.


Mr. Hanky
2020 Oct 1322m 1s
Super producer Mr. Hanky sits down with co-hosts Neima Abdulahi and Brii Renee about his long successful career in the music business industry.
Bone Crusher
2020 Oct 1226m 25s
The Appeal’s very own, Neima Abdulahi and Brii Renee spoke with Wayne Hardnett Jr who is better known as Bone Crusher for episode #21 in the inaugural first season of The Appeal Unfiltered.
Big Homie Kodaq
2020 Oct 069m 2s
In Episode 19 of the inaugural season of the Appeal Unfiltered, cohosts Neima Abdulahi and Brii Renee sot down with Atlanta content creator Big Homie Kodaq, who is a media maven and Clark Atlanta University alum. Kodaq has been seen covering the biggest events of Atlanta to red carpet events such BET Awards & BET Hip Hop Awards. He is the creator of Big Homies House, accumulating over 5 million views throughout all platforms. Big Homie Kodaq has been featured on TMZ, World Star, The Shade Room, ESPN, RevoltTV as well as Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream. Kodaq also serves as the Executive Producer for the Big Facts Podcast with DJ Scream and Big Bank.  To watch all episodes of The Appeal Unfiltered, visit our website or listen to the Spotify podcast version of The Appeal, click on this link:
Paper Lovee
2020 Oct 043m 56s
Neima Abdulahi and Brii Renee of The Appeal Unfiltered sit down with singer-rapper Paper Lovee to discuss his early influences, how he started making music, and his future in music.
Mr. 217
2020 Sep 2720m 33s
Neima Abdulahi and Brii Renee of The Appeal Unfiltered sit down with Mr. 217 to discuss his success story, challenges, and spiritual journey.
T. Lewis
2020 Sep 2011m 48s
The Appeal: Unfiltered team sits down with Lil Wayne’s official tour DJ, T. Lewis.
Isaac Hayes III and Montana White
2020 Sep 1420m 20s
The Appeal Unfiltered co-hosts Brii Renee and Neima Abdulahi sit down with two great culture content creators in Atlanta, Isaac Hayes III and Montana White. In a panel style interview, they address the influence of Atlanta’s culture, where black culture in Atlanta can improve, and the future of content creation.
Diddi Emah
2020 Sep 1418m 35s
Neima Abdulahi and Brii Renee of The Appeal Unfiltered sit down with Nigerian superstar Diddi Emah, who is a powerhouse singer, actress, and dancer with a solid hip-hop, classical ballet, modern, jazz, west African dance and advance baton twirling background.
Jerry Clark
2020 Sep 0217m 19s
The Appeal Unfiltered hosts, Brii Renee’ and Neima Abdulahi talk all things content creation and music industry related with Atlanta’s own Jerry Clark aka Mr. Legendary Jerry. Jerry Clark shares his passion for podcasting and why he feels storytelling is important.
Dina Marto
2020 Aug 2321m 47s
Music industry veteran and Grand Hustle general manager Dina Marto sat down with host Neima Abdulahi for episode 12 of The Appeal Unfiltered to talk about the longevity of her run in the music industry, the power of social media, and what it means to be a woman in the game.