Let’s Speak On It the Podcast
  • Shwanna
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Calling all lovers, Creators, dreamers and artists. This podcast is for us. I’ll be sharing my journey as I navigate this seemingly new world through the lense of love telling my story, connecting with other lovers, dreamers & creatives.


The Mental Health System is a JOKE! 😳
2020 Mar 3040m 40s
Shwanna returns to the show after a long hiatus to speak with spoken word artist, Justin Irby who is making waves 🌊 by sharing his personal experiences with mental health challenges & the mental health system. He is using his platform to bring awareness to this issue which is also one that Shwanna is passionate about as a Mental Wellness Coach.
Moving past procrastination
2018 May 2333m 51s
In this episode Shwanna talks through some of the roadblocks she's experienced in moving forward with her many business ventures. What starts out as a process to get going turns into the exact type of communion she's beem aiming for. Take a listen.
Early morning thoughts
2018 Mar 285m 44s
I wanna Testify!
2018 Mar 2114m 44s
Shwanna recounts how Stevie Wonder changed her life!
Monday Meme Motivation-Healer
2018 Mar 2016m 26s
New Segment Alert! Shwanna discusses memes that inspire her during this journey of #love
You ain’t a bitch or a hoe!
2018 Mar 0816m 37s
Dedicated to the ladies! 🙌🏾
2018 Mar 0813m 49s
Happy International Women’s Day
Lovers & Creators Introduction
2018 Feb 211m 49s
LoversnCreators Trailer