The Connecticut Driver Podcast
  • James
5 episodes
We focus on the the issues surrounding Connecticut drivers - motor vehicle issues like points, tickets, and license suspension, as well as keeping you up to date on major road issues like construction and financing of our roads and transportation system


Non Moving Violations - How you can wind up paying for just sitting in your car parked!
2020 Sep 175m 46s
In this episode, Jay talkes about the common non moving violations client face.
All About Speeding Tickets and What happens when you get one
2020 Sep 165m 21s
In this episode, Jay talks about the different levels of possible speeding tickets you could get, the points that go along with them and why maybe just paying the fine isn't a great idea for you.
Reckless Driving in Connecticut - What you need to know!
2020 Sep 155m 51s
Jay breaks down the 4 ways you can be charged with reckless driving, and how a reckless charge is no simple MV case.
Whats the Difference between Infractions, Violations and Crimes and whats all this about points?
2020 Sep 156m 59s
In this episode Jay breaks down the 3 different levels of Motor Vehicle offenses and talks about the point system in Connecticut
Episode 1: All About Licenses, Endorsements, & Restrictions!
2020 Sep 148m 38s
In the premiere episode, Mr. Speeding Ticket, Attorney Jay Ruane, discusses the differences between regular and commercial licenses, and the alphabet soup of endorsements and restrictions