Bare Face Confessions
  • Eltrisa Bryant
4 episodes
There is so much pressure to JUST BE in a society full of smoking mirrors and face beats. Bare Face Confessions was created to discuss the issues that society deems too boring. This is the Raw, authentic, and mask-less podcast for the introvert on a journey to find their voice. Join me, every Monday, for the unfiltered truth about life and the path to finding self.


2020 Feb 1811m 7s
We tend to ignore certain signs in hopes that a person will change or because we’re flat out in denial. This episode talks about 5 signs you should NOT ignore in your relationship.
Keep Pushing!
2020 Jan 1911m 26s
Though the road gets rough, you have to keep going.
It’s Personal!
2020 Jan 1010m 1s
On my first episode I get a little personal about why I started Bare Face Confessions in the first place. Tune in for a very short but sweet first episode.