ESL Online Adventures
  • Christian Ramirez
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For my students at IVC, Miracosta, Palomar and everywhere else.


Matthew Pizzorno: The man, the surfer, the reader, the passionate teacher
2020 May 0116m 29s
I had the pleasure of talking with my friend Matthew Pizzorno. Not only is he an amazing teacher, he was the head teacher when I was starting out at Palomar college. I was his aide in this class. He talks about traveling, surfing, and growth mindset.
This week, next week...Last week. Frustrations!
2020 May 0112m 50s
Talking about my own frustrations. Idioms, phrasal verbs and describing time.
Catching up with Kristi Reyes
2020 Apr 2217m 2s
I had the pleasure of talking with my colleague and boss about motivation, movies, and traveling. Thank you Kristi for the great conversation!
Teachers talking motivation.
2020 Apr 1814m 8s
I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing an expert. My mom, my confidant, my hero.
Why English is so difficult...
2020 Apr 1316m 18s
Pronunciation and favorite songs...
How I met my wife...
2020 Apr 0918m 25s
Motivation and chance meetings
2020 Apr 0518m 23s
Smart Goals and Iniesta!
Questions, questions, answers?
2020 Apr 0219m 52s
Questions and my responses.
My thoughts on Saturday, March 28.
2020 Mar 2820m 5s
Idioms, my favorite quotes, and life as I remember it.
Yet and If
2020 Mar 2218m 26s
My thoughts on Sunday, March 22 for my ESL class.