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Hosted by Big Chuck. Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, cats and squirrels welcome to the ONLY podcast on planet got dang earth where we pick anything... AND EVERYTHING.. to face off in a 8 subject bracket elimination tournament, THIS is elite 8 Showdown! Worst person to date you daughter? Greatest Cult Classic Nintendo 64 game? Most redeemable character on Tiger King? Nothing is off limits in Elite 8 Showdown. Outfoxing the Fox by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4183-outfoxing-the-fox License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


The Best Cult Classic Scary Movie
2020 Oct 231h 25m 17s
Here we are baby! Season 2 of Elite 8 Showdown! The Gang is back and better than ever, and it would appear that Tim has been holding the show down long enough, because Arnie and Big Chuck have gone gangbusters on improvements! This week Big Chuck and Tim discuss the Best Cult Classic Scary Movie OF ALL TIME!
Weirdest Crossover Ever
2020 Oct 161h 35m 12s
Once again that douchebag Tim is no where to be found, but luckily Special Guest and host of The Comicbook Rundown Joe Janero joins Elite 8 Showdown for Weirdest Crossover.
Catchiest Song of All Time ft. Bayn
2020 Oct 091h 15m 33s
This week, that dirtbag Tim is still gone but thankfully Bayn from Breaker and Bayn's Power hour is here to fill that gap. Big Chuck and Bayne discuss the Cathiest Song of All Time.
Best Lord of the Rings Character ft. Courtney from Figuratively Speaking Minis
2020 Oct 021h 9m 36s
This week Tim is still gone, on vacation some might say, as if he deserves that, the schmuck, but luckily we have special guest Courtney from Figuratively Speaking Minis to fill in, and honestly, Tim might be out of a job. This week Big Chuck and Courtney discuss the Best Lord of the Rings character of all time!
The Greatest Thing in the 90s
2020 Sep 251h 32m 10s
Big Chuck and Tim are out of time stasis and back to business... but so is.. Betty White. In the spiritual season finale of Season 1 of Elite 8 Showdown Big Chuck and Tim discuss The Best Part of the 1990s.
Best Thing from Wrestling (ft. Breaker)
2020 Sep 181h 13m 24s
This week Tim is not here, cause fuck that guy. Big Chuck and Tim discuss their favorite experience while consuming professional wrestling.
The Birdstein, Birdstein and Peck Special
2020 Sep 0754m 33s
Big Chuck, Tim, and Dani have been stuck in a simulation for a while, so thankfully friends of the show and Casually Professional Lawyers, Birdstein, Birdstein and Peck step up to plate and make sure the fans get whats coming to em.
Greatest Conspiracy Theory
2020 Sep 041h 36m 22s
Another Special Guest Episode this week with Danielle Cole of The Space Between Presents and The Lost Omens Podcast. Big Chuck, Dani and Tim discuss the best Conspiracy Theories of all time.
Best Furry Tag Team
2020 Aug 281h 28m 15s
Special Guest Dan Cole shares with Big Chuck and Tim, which furry duo he most wants to tag team him. Does it get any more specific than this? Will Dan ever come back? What the fuck are we doing on this show?
Greatest N64 Game of All Time
2020 Aug 211h 26m 9s
The boys are back it with the follow up to the greatest N64 Cult Classic, this time choosing the GOAT. Conker's Bad Fur Day moves into the 8th seed after winning the Cult Classic Cup.