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We are webcasting festival magic all year long! Listen in as we showcase creative cultural events and performances in Oregon. From musicians and dancers to visual artists and spoken word performers, we bring you Pacific Northwest creativity and magic. Join us!


Aminta Skye Interview and Performance
2020 Oct 2430m 54s
Listen to an engaging conversation between Aminta Skye, a 17 year old African-American singer songwriter and arts activist, and Ricardo Llamas, a bilingual elementary school teacher and musician in Eugene. Aminta shares her ideas and concerns about eliminating art in schools, the nature of authenticity and the Black Lives Movement. She performs two original songs and shares her perspective on this moment in history. See photos on our website at www.fairfamilyradio.com.
Little Wing Faerie Art at OCF
2020 Sep 226m 32s
Allyson gives us a tour of her gorgeous faerie art booth at Oregon Country Fair. She created a tableau of faeries playing tarot in a beautiful room, that dispenses little paper fortunes. Delightful! Hear how art nouveau inspired her designs and her wish for children everywhere.
Leather Man Dan at OCF
2020 Sep 022m 24s
Dan tells us all about his handmade leather works at his booth at the Oregon Country Fair. Beautiful purses and wallets with a "washed up on a medieval shore" feeling. Check out the pictures on our website at www.fairfamilyradio.com.
Jessica Lamotte Newbie at OCF 2019
2020 Jul 0812m 3s
SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE: Jessica LaMotte, brand new to OCF, spends a day with us exploring the Fair and having a blast. Hear her surprise and joy at the wonders of the Oregon Country Fair on it's 50th Anniversary Year!
Moon Lodge- Community Village at OCF 2017
2020 Jul 035m 40s
Explore the women's Moon Lodge area in Community Village at the Oregon Country Fair. This is the oasis amidst the chaos, for peace and quiet for women anytime they need it. Inside is artwork and information for women about menstruation, and supplies and soft spaces to sit and relax. They have a library in the back and an altar...truly a wonderful place for all women identified people at the fair.
Juneteeth Event Part 3: Interviews with Community Participants
2020 Jul 0114m 15s
Ricardo Llamas interviews participants at the Juneteeth event on June 20, 2020 at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon. Hear Devine Hawley talk about discovering this event for the first time as a black woman, and Jill Torres, community activist, talk about the whitewashing of history and a "rage practice". Thank you Rich, for jumping in to do these interviews with minimal training and short notice, and for your excellent pictures of the event!
Juneteenth Event Part 2: Michael Moloi, artist
2020 Jul 0121m 49s
Michael Moloi, an artist from Africa, shares with us about his art, his deep connection to nature in his home country, and some of the hardships going on in Africa. Michael performed gumboot dance onstage at the Juneteenth event in Alton Baker Park in Eugene Oregon on June 20th, 2020. Jorah LaFleur and Ricardo Llamas interview him at the event that was attended by hundreds of supporters.
Juneteenth Event Part 1: Mija Andrade and the Arts
2020 Jul 017m 39s
Mija Andrade talks about art as revolution, speaking powerfully through art, and community-building at the Juneteenth event on June 20th, 2020. She organized the art booth, all works by artists of color, at the event. She is interviewed by Jorah LaFleur and Ricardo Llamas of Fair Family Radio.
Ruby Reminisces: 50 Years of OCF
2020 Jun 246m 38s
Listen to a chat with Ruby, from the info booth, at the 50th Anniversary of Oregon Country Fair, 2019. She shares with us about her favorite memory of Fair, back in the 80's, and we chat about the stewardship of the land and creatures who live there. A little slice of life on Strawberry Lane!
Whiteaker Printmakers Studio in Eugene
2020 Jun 1921m 41s
Whit Print in Eugene is a thriving non profit printmaking studio where members have access 24/7 to the equipment and supplies. The creative community members talk to us about what they are working on, what they love about the studio, and we listen in to a class with an artist new to the wonders of printmaking. Heather Halpern, the Executive Director, takes us on a tour of the facilities, including their rare large presses and rooms next door they will be expanding into.