Truth and Consequences
  • Jackie Hagens
9 episodes
Create a community of like-minded individuals that support each others political and spiritual beliefs; with the hope of converting others who are lost, and give them a home!


The Ambassadors!
2020 Oct 3029m 26s
Can you, would you, will you, be an Ambassador for Christ? For America, and the Foundation upon which America was founded?
What Is America's Path Forward?
2020 Oct 2230m 43s
Will this one election change the course, the path of America?
What Will Tomorrow Bring?
2020 Oct 1229m 27s
What would you be willing to sacrifice to keep America's light shining bright?
Onward Christian Soldiers!
2020 Oct 0230m 44s
What ARMOR do you wear to PROTECT yourself, your family, and your country? Where is your FOCUS?
How Do You Respond?
2020 Sep 2424m 5s
What would I do if that happened to me? Do you Accept? Do you Confront? Or are you just Complacent?
Party Crashers!
2020 Sep 1829m 4s
What do you do when the party changes? It is no longer the party it was when you arrived? Do you leave or do you stay?... (if you feel something is wrong)
Who is Really In Control?
2020 Sep 0929m 52s
When faced with the storms of life, do you look for the positive or only see the problem? Finding FAITH in the STORM!
America: How Did We Get Here?
2020 Sep 0124m 11s
Episode 1.
2020 Aug 253m 31s
Truth & Consequences - Trailer